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Welcome to Coaching at Work Radio

Interested in your professional development as a coach? Coaching at Work Radio brings to you 24/7 interviews, seminars and conference papers about different aspects of coaching and mentoring. Over the coming months, we will be increasing the number of recordings and programmes on our station, in-between programmes we play short soundscapes of nature including walks to aid reflection and relaxation.

We have a rolling programme so that the interviews and shows are played in the order below and repeated 24/7.

  • Liz Hall in conversation with Jo Confino
  • Liz Hall in conversation with Charly Cox
  • Coaching at Work’s Liz Hall interviews Catherine Wade on Addressing unconscious bias in coaching
  • Coaching at Work’ Liz Hall interviews Georgina Woudstra on team coaching
  • Coaching through COVID, Co-Founder, Mark McMordie shares his story with Liz Hall
  • Liz Hall Interviews David Kesby on extra-dependent teams
  • Liz Hall interviews Dr Alister Scott for Climate Coaching Action Day 2021
  • Liz Hall Profile of David Clutterbuck and David Megginson (2009)
  • Katherine Long speaks to Coaching at Work’s Liz Hall for Climate Coaching Action Day 2022
  • Molly Antigone-Hall in conversation with Zoe Cohen
  • Liz Hall in conversation with Aboodi Shabi
  • Liz Hall introduces Nancy Kline who reads her article – Ukraine – Power and Premise

Interested in contributing?  Contact Stephen Palmer and Liz Hall, the radio station producers with your ideas.

How to Listen to Coaching at Work Radio

You can listen to Coaching at Work Radio on our Radio Player at the top of this page. Or online using However, it’s really easy to listen to us on your mobile phone by downloading the free Zeno Radio App and once launched, just search for our station.


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