Sanela Lukanovic


Sanela Lukanovic is a transformational coach with over 15 years of experience supporting individuals to live and lead with authenticity, purpose and courage. She has coached a diverse and multinational client base covering all stages of career development and across multiple sectors with a strong base in finance and fintech. She is a certified coach with an insatiable taste for learning. Her coaching approach incorporates tools and practices from the soma8c (body) and neuroscience (mind) fields to provide a holistic approach to inner change. Her passion lies in supporting women leaders because of the unique and complex set of challenges facing them. Her intention with this work is to enable conscious women leaders to tune into their unique voices and create change in the world that’s aligned with their values.

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Membership of professional bodies

  • International Coach Federation
  • International Coach Federation UK

Coaching approach

I’m a transformational coach which means that I dig below the surface of things. I believe that sustainable change is only possible if we address the blocks and barriers that lie within us. I use both traditional coaching tools and a range of somatic tools that help us shift old patterns and old conditioning in a surprisingly fast and effective way.