Julie Starr


Julie Starr is a highly respected coach and consultant with over 20 years experience in business and change management. She combines many years of coaching in practice with a constant study of human success and fulfillment. Using the commercial context as a base, she has developed coaching practices that work in business. She is the author of ‘The Coaching Manual’ which defines the key principles and practices of personal coaching; and ‘Brilliant Coaching’ which shows managers how to blend coaching behaviours into their everyday managing style. Julie maintains a personal coaching involvement supporting senior leadership of organizations in the UK & Europe. She builds on an early career in project management and larger scale business redesign initiatives. Julie is an experienced facilitator and enjoys working with groups and individuals. She speaks regularly at conferences, seminars and on accredited coaching programmes.

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Membership of professional bodies

  • European Mentoring and Coaching Council

Coaching approach

Coaching assignments are designed with delivery in mind. By working with both the individual and the organization, we build assignments with as little or as much structure as is needed. Principles of an effective assignment • That the assignment is ‘owned’ by a stakeholder from the client organisation, e.g. the line manager. • That clear objectives are established for the coaching. If appropriate, this might be done with a line manage or trusted colleague. • That we introduce other information, such as profiling or feedback from colleagues, that will raise the self awareness of the individual. For client testimonials, check out www.starrconsulting.co.uk.