Julie Hickton


Julie’s passion for assisting individuals and businesses to achieve their potential is a real inspiration. Her positive motivational personality is infectious, creating a real sense of purpose, focus and enjoyment for all those who work with her. Julie uses her previous business experience and people understanding along with her coaching talents to assist businesses and individuals to understand their key people related issues and how to harness their talents to achieve both business and individual success. She has over 20 years experience as a senior leader and Human Resources specialist in a variety of successful retailing / home improvement / business services organisations including; Marks and Spencer; the Mico Group and most recently Divisional HR Director with Eaga plc. Within these positions she has been a driver in developing and implementing their people strategies, enabling the businesses to achieve enhanced business performance. Julie is a non executive director for the Rotherham Hospital Foundation Trust, where she is both challenging and strategic, assisting the board to develop and deliver it’s strategic vision and managing its governance requirements. Julie is the Chair of a voluntary organisation that manages an after school and holiday club, Norbridge Fun Club. This role requires her to ensure the club meets the requirements of Ofsted as well as the legal requirements around the care of children and business requirements of managing a small business. The club is a key support to many local families in the community proving a fun and educational environment for children when not at school. Key Achievements • Development of corporate people policies and OD mechanisms to support the development of the employee brand • Strategic development and implementation of a key communications and change project. • Acquisition and integration of 4 different companies often over multiple sites • Development and leadership of graduate recruitment and training programmes • Facilitation of Directors to develop strategic direction and methodology for achievement • Development of HR and L&D function from scratch to enable the business to achieve its ambitious growth plans • Development of Quality Assurance and Service Department from scratch, linking into key employee engagement issues, successfully meeting key client requirements such as British Gas • Various Executive and Leader Coaching Programmes

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Membership of professional bodies

  • Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development

Coaching approach

My philosophy is that everybody has the potential in them to achieve more but generally they don’t challenge themselves or know how to develop themselves to reach it. I personally believe in aiding others to identify their true purpose in life and then being authentic to this. Looking at things through this new reflection often reignites people to their life and professional roles. Enabling them to draw the parallels into how things in their life link to their true purpose. Coaching provides the self development tool to enable them to explore these aspects. When coaching in a business environment I work on a 3 dimensional aspect developing a relationship between the organisation the coachee and myself. Ensuring that we have agreement around the outcomes that they are looking for the coaching to achieve, whilst still building the flexibility that the coachee is in the driving seat re what they want to work on but ensuring that it fits with the overall context. Ideally being able to allow time to explore the whole aspects of their life as balance is one of the keys for happiness and therefore success within a work environment. Once the parameters have been agreed I generally have an introduction session with the coachee covering some initial thought provoking questions and some history and getting to know the coachee developing rapport and trust. As well as discussing the “rules and ethics” around the coaching from both parties. The time frame between each session is dependant on many factors so varies; I conduct a combination of face to face and/or telephone coaching again to be flexible for the client needs. Coaching sessions generally follow the GROW model in principle adapting where necessary and introducing other models if appropriate. If the need requires the use of other models and explanations to support where an individual is then I bring these in to the coaching to assist understanding. In between the coaching sessions there will generally be agreed actions that the coachee will have agreed to achieve. There may also be other self development exercises that support the actions and or suggested reading if appropriate. At the end of the agreed coaching sessions I usually end with a review and reflection session enabling the coachee to cement the learning and progress made, as well as recapping on successes also looking at their own self directed learning going forward. If working on leadership development / management related subjects then I also offer a 360 degree feedback and or a personality profile aiding with the diagnostic and giving a good vehicle to start from.