Jo Smith


Jo is an expert in goal achievement and has worked with a wide range of corporate clients as well as politicians and professional sportsmen and women. Jo specialises in helping individuals, teams and organisations to identify specific tools and techniques that they can use on a daily basis to rapidly accelerate the rate at which they achieve their goals. An engaging coach who challenges her clients’ perceptions of themselves and what they can achieve. Jo has enjoyed career success across a range of fields including retailing and manufacturing as well as public sector organisations. She is a real person with real scars who inspires her audiences to think differently about how they approach every day situations and offers pragmatic tools that can be readily practised and used when appropriate.

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Membership of professional bodies

  • Association for Coaching
  • British Psychological Society Special Group in Coaching Psychology
  • Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development

Coaching approach

Our Super Coaching programmes will last anywhere between 6 and12 months dependent upon the client, the stakeholder organisation and the goals to be achieved. The Super Coaching Programme is a world away from traditional programmes in terms of tapping into the individual client’s own unique circumstances and will usually comprise: Initial Diagnostic It is imperative to understand as much as possible about the client from as many sources as possible. This will include initial interviews with both stakeholder and client. All our associates are professionally qualified in a suite of Psychometric assessment and diagnostic tools. The interviews will determine which tools, if any, have already been completed by the client and whether or not any further assessment or review is needed. This initial diagnostic phase also encompasses the goals of all parties to be achieved by the Super coaching Programme Feedback Session The aim of this session is to give the client as full a picture as possible as to how they view themselves and their own performance in comparison with population norms and the views of the significant other people around them. The critical impact of this is to provide a start point from which the client can work on their goal achievement. The session needs to be managed carefully by our experienced coaches to ensure that client contextualises all the data. Sessions 3-9 These sessions combine traditional coaching models such as GROW, CLEAR and OSKAR, with input on a broad range of subjects. Closing Sessions These may comprise 1-3 sessions as the client moves towards being their own Personal Development specialist for life. The most important part of this is that the client can: • Sustain their behaviour changes for as long as is necessary • Is confident in actively managing their own development in the future • Understands their own unique personality and how to leverage that to the advantage of themselves and the organisation