Jeremy Lewis


Through my supervision practice, I transform how coaches think and feel about themselves so they get out of their own way and become the coach they always imagined they would be. Through my coaching practice, I transform aspiring professionals into influential leaders.

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Membership of professional bodies

  • Association of Coaching Supervisors

Coaching approach

You are good at what you do and well regarded. But you feel frustrated. You are anxious about stretching yourself beyond your comfort zone. What if you are found out as lacking? Fulfilling your ambitions starts with self confidence. How can you tell yourself that you get it, you want it and you can do it? How can you understand yourself more deeply so you relate better with the people you work with and the people you serve? How can you develop your whole self to lead the life you dream? I can help you make that leap. I can help you integrate your personal and professional practice. I can help you take the next step. You will be more influential and build your confidence so that you stop feeling frustrated, develop into the person you know you can be and ultimately become more fulfilled and make a more positive difference in the world.