Colin Matthews


I am a registered psychologist and a member of the BPS Division of Coaching Psychology. I have worked in the organisational development space since 2012. I coach executives to CEO but also have experience of coaching front line managers upwards. To date I have coached 100+ employees. I am also a qualified assessor for recruitment and development purposes and hold qualifications in a range of ability tests and personality questionnaires. I specialise in working with people in senior positions who deal with complex matters and have high demands placed on them. I help them to think their way through their remit and rationalise their approach, working smarter rather than longer and faster, utilising the variety of resources available to them and reducing their own stress and creating an optimal life/work balance.

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Membership of professional bodies

  • British Psychological Society Special Group in Coaching Psychology

Coaching approach

Coaching leaders to be the best they can be is extremely important and makes such a difference to the overall quality of services and to staff development/motivation/enjoyment. Coaching provides a space for refection and challenge and the potential to make better decisions. A good coach will help an employee think about how they work and where they can make improvements. They will help them build on their strengths and encourage them to be honest about their weaknesses and limitations. They will facilitate rather than lead them and will at times challenge their decisions and ways of thinking.