Caroline Anthony


Caroline Anthony is a qualified wellbeing coach and Coach Supervisor having vast experience of working within Health, Education and Social Care fields. She is a member of EMCC and Association of Coaching Supervisors and believes in creating growth environments for her clientele to support growth and change to meet their unique life challenges or development needs.

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Membership of professional bodies

  • Association of Coaching Supervisors
  • European Mentoring and Coaching Council

Coaching approach

My philosophy comes from respecting others, their lifestyles, their identity and supporting them live their best lives. I know from the thousands of people that I have worked with in my career that wellbeing is a core human need, if this is unmet it leads to barriers in life for people. My work is responsive to the offering that the coachee presents to me, so I have an open, bespoke methodology to bring in pertinent models and tools if required, rather than working to a planned framework of coaching, all the while offering unconditional positive regard and kindness. This works for my style in that it allows my own creativity to flow and has also proved successful within my long history of working within Children’s Services with a primarily Neurodivergent clientele.