Carol Braddick


Carol Braddick coaches senior leaders and teams in global businesses. She also partners with companies to sharpen their approach to coaching and gain more value from investments in coaching. Based in the UK and Arizona, her practice is supported by a global network of experienced executive coaches and consultants. Her current research and writing is on the use of technology in coaching. She is currently a Mentor for the Wharton Coursera People Analytics MOOC and is a Founding Fellow of the Institute of Coaching Professional Association. She is a member of the Artificial Intelligence Working Group of the Future of Coaching Collaboration (FCC).

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Country : United Kingdom
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Membership of professional bodies

  • Association for Professional Executive Coaching and Supervision
  • British Psychological Society Special Group in Coaching Psychology

Coaching approach

Practical and business oriented, Carol is skilled at distilling the factors that expand a leader’s impact on his or her business. Carol works with leaders to 'raise their game' by strengthening stakeholder relationships, building influencing skills and developing their networks. She coaches leaders who want to 'step up'–by making successful transitions into new roles or shifting to higher levels of contribution in their current roles. The leaders she coaches are in the pharmaceutical, financial services, media and technology sectors. On a pro bono basis, she also coaches leaders of selected non-profit organisations and charities in the US and UK.