Alastair Roberts


Hi I’m Alastair. I’m a qualified CBT and existential coach. I help people reconnect with their values and motivation, articulate goals that matter to them, and plan and take action towards their attainment. I’m experienced working with people feeling jaded by workplace demands, perfectionism, procrastination, work and other compulsions, and challenging people management situations. We can also explore existential concerns in your business and personal lives. My background includes 25 years working in corporate telecommunications, most recently in a pan-European senior management role.

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Membership of professional bodies

  • Association for Coaching
  • BACP Coaching

Coaching approach

My coaching practise integrates Cognitive Behavioural Coaching and Existential coaching. Cognitive behavioural coaching focuses on the particular beliefs, emotions and behaviours that help or hinder one’s development. Existential Coaching uses existential philosophy to help us explore issues such as values, authenticity, uncertainty, conflict, meaning, finitude, choice, freedom and relationality. You may already be on a leadership track, and asking yourself what kind of leader you are or want to be. You may be asking yourself how your role and behaviour reflects your values, whether you’re living an authentic life, and whether you’re consciously owning enough of your possibilities.