Leading systemic coach Edward Rowland explains the “hidden architecture” in organisations and how leaders can work with it to create effective organisational cultures Working with leaders across the world for more than 17 years, supporting them to create sustainable and effective organisations, I have learned that achieving breakthrough coaching results requires skilfully navigating the client’s systemic context, and in doing so courageously stepping into the unknown. At the Whole Partnership, an organisation I founded to catalyse purpose-led leadership, we’ve developed a systemic coaching framework that pays specific attention to systemic factors – the complex human systems and relationships, often unacknowledged, […]

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The big picture

In the second in a series on systemic coaching, John Blakey explains why we need to go beyond traditional coaching to engage with the larger systemic issues of our time – so we can become interconnected When Ian Day and I published our first book, Where Were All the Coaches When the Banks Went Down? two years ago, it provoked some debate in coaching circles. Its title alone appeared to polarise the coaching community into two camps – one which saw it as an arrogant claim that coaches could have prevented the crisis by thinking we were more important than […]

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