IS IT ON THE CARDS? A coach at a global organisation has discovered that his client, who wants promotion, is heading towards a disciplinary. However, his boss hasn’t told him this. Can supervision help the coach find clarity? A large multinational engineering company employs seven executive coaches. There ought to be clarity around the desired coaching outcomes through clear contracting and open discussion, yet this is proving hit and miss. HR has approached one of the coaches to take on an individual. The coach had an initial meeting with the client, who saw coaching as a way to support his hoped-for […]

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Liz Macann has won accolades for, and spoken all over the world about, the award-winning internal coaching scheme she set up at the BBC. Macann spent 12 years at the Beeb – here she reflects on her time there, and what the future holds REFLECTED GLORY Liz Macann There was a time when a client would spot you heading in their direction and swiftly engage in a conversation rather than introduce you as their coach. These days it feels more like a badge of honour than an embarrassment. Coaching’s credibility, desirability and value continue to increase, with senior leaders often […]

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Welcome to the February 2012 issue of the newsletter

Welcome to the February 2012 issue of the newsletter Coaching at Work has launched a campaign to help increase the amount of high quality health and wellbeing coaching. As part of our Coaching for Health campaign, we’re running lots of editorial including our trends report in the March issue, and on health coaching approaches in the May issue. Why we’ve launched the campaign: • The cost of healthcare is spiralling yet we seem to be getting sicker • People have to take responsibility for their own health – they will rarely make behavioural changes just because a medical professional has […]

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Welcome to the January 2012 issue of the newsletter

Welcome to the January 2012 issue of the newsletter We’ve set the date for our next Coaching at Work conference: 11 July 2012. We will be giving out details soon. Our last conference on 23 November was a sell-out weeks in advance so do make sure you don’t miss the boat! We now have available some of the speaker material from the last conference, including some of the presentations and podcasts. We’re really excited about the launch of the new digital version of Coaching at Work magazine in Calameo format, which allows you to flick through the magazine virtually. To […]

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OCM pilot launched

The OCM has launched a six-month open ‘Coach as Supervisor’ programme to support internal coaches in a more supervisory role. Its pilot attracted 11 candidates from five organisations and has been submitted to the European Mentoring & Coaching Council’s pilot accreditation scheme. It is delivered by The OCM’s senior supervisors Angela Hill and Katherine Long, who said it “acts as a way of engaging and recognising the contribution of coaches who very often have to fit the coaching in on top of the day job.” Coaching at Work, Volume 7, Issue 1

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Let’s ‘get more flexible’

COACHING AT WORK COACHING AND MENTORING AT WORK: BEYOND FRONTIERS CONFERENCE, LONDON, 23 NOVEMBER Where, if at all, are the boundaries between coaching and therapy/counselling? Is there a third way? These were some of the questions raised at the Beyond Frontiers debate. Liz Hall chaired the event The line between coaching and therapy/counselling is getting fuzzier. A ‘third way’ of coaching has emerged that draws on psychological approaches, but there is no one way – each coach has their own approach. These were some of the conclusions reached at the Coaching at Work: Beyond Frontiers debate at Coaching at Work’s […]

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Viewpoint – Cultural mapping

Professor Peter Hawkins In tough times, coaching buyers expect fast results. But how can we get them to appreciate the long-term benefits? Coaching has established itself as a growing industry worldwide. The 2007 International Coach Federation coaching survey estimated that the industry generated US$1.5bn in revenue and Carr (2005) estimated the number of coaches to be approaching 30,000. Coaching has become a significant part of leadership development activities (Corporate Leadership Council, 2003). Zenger and Stinnett (2006) estimated that 70 per cent of organisations with formal leadership development initiatives were using coaching as a key ingredient. Yet, in today’s tough economic […]

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TroubleShooter – Cutting your losses?

A company’s strong coaching offer may now be in jeopardy as the organisation looks to make significant reductions in its L&D budget. How can coaching boss James prove its impact? James is responsible for coaching in his organisation. The business has built up its coaching offer over the past eight years. At first, it ‘tested the water’, employing a couple of external coaches who worked with a few executives. Over time this grew to include the majority of the top 5 per cent in the company as well as individuals identified as top talent in the succession plan. About three […]

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After my own heart

Continuing our series looking at coaching tools and techniques, Coaching at Work road-tests the HeartMath system 1 The tool What is it? The HeartMath system is a combination of tools and technology that helps people tune in to their “heart’s intelligence” to maximise health, balance and performance. These highly practical tools help clients access clearer thinking and experience the heart of who they are. When the signal from the heart to the brain is “coherent”, a smooth heart rhythm sends a clear, ordered signal to the brain. According to HeathMath’s providers, we are then able to access the intelligence that […]

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Welcome to the December 2011 issue of the newsletter

Welcome to the December 2011 issue of the newsletter It’s been a tough year for so many people over the last year and it’s been little wonder that stress has been the main reason for sickness absence here in the UK. We’re all part of the system and it’s hard to build up immunity in the current climate. Apparently when Sarah Dale, who presented at the British Psychological Society Special Group in Coaching Psychology’s (BPS SGCP) 3rd European Coaching Psychology conference in December, asked a group of 100 managers if any of them woke up at 4am with work worries, […]

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