In this three-part series, Louise Sheppard shares her research on the supervisee perspective in coaching supervision, which has implications for all involved. Part 1: how supervisees inhibit and enable their supervision   There has been little research into the supervisee perspective in coaching supervision even though it is more challenging and exposing to be a supervisee than a supervisor and the supervisee is at least as important for the success of supervision (de Haan, 2012). Supervisor training courses focus on the role of the supervisor and most of the professional bodies representing coaches in the UK do not provide clear […]

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LIZ DIMMOCK In this new column, Liz Dimmock will share lessons for mentoring and coaching from the sports world. This year she is leading a team of women cyclists around the globe. Sport has the potential to be a positive catalyst for girls and women. Just think of Olympic cyclist Victoria Pendleton, Ironman Chrissie Wellington, rower Anna Watkins or gender equality champion, CEO Helena Morrissey. Such exemplary female role models show the importance of working hard, grasping opportunities and focusing on being the best version of ourselves. Yet women in sport have been getting a raw deal. In 2013, just […]

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