Losing my momentum

  Mick, a commercially successful ‘40-something’ business owner, finds himself shying away from setting goals, slow to act and re-evaluating his place in the world. Can developmental stages or life phases help him get to a new understanding of where he is now, and what he might want for the future? Mick does not see himself as unhappy with his lot, yet he finds himself at coaching. Success has come to him in many ways, and despite a relatively recent expansion programme for his business (which is going well) he finds himself a little disconnected with it all, searching for […]

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Research matters: Get into your comfort zone

Does where we hold our coaching interactions have an impact on their quality and outcomes? Rob Kemp, coach and associate lecturer, University of Derby, investigates the myriad spaces we engage in.

Reflecting on my own experiences of coaching locations, I became curious: how active were my choices, and clients’ choices, of where to hold the coaching conversation – and what impact might those choices have on what the interaction feels like and does?

Being unsatisfied with my own thoughts, and my own knowledge in this area, I embarked on a search for inspiration and guidance from other coaches, practitioners and academics. Finding nothing specifically coaching/mentoring focused, I widened the net to look at therapy and other sorts of conversations.

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