Neuroscience part 2 : The eyes have it

Neuroscience part 2: Is there any evidence that NLP works? Scientist and NLP practitioner Trish Riddell believes there is As a scientist and practitioner of Neurolinguistic Programming (NLP), I often find myself balancing partially conflicting metaphors in my approach to NLP. I have seen for myself the power of some of the techniques for developing rapport and creating change, crucial skills in coaching, but the empirical evidence is often lacking. However, there is research which addresses issues that bear on NLP concepts. Rapport is one of them. In a two-part study by Molly Ireland and colleagues at the University of […]

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Right here, right now

How can we be fully present for our clients when so many coaching models focus on the past – or the future, asks Vivien Whitaker, visiting research fellow, Coaching & Mentoring Research Unit, Sheffield Business School Being truly present is crucial for effective coaching. Yet many coaching models tend to take us into the past, while goal orientation may draw us precipitately into the future. How can we stay focused in the moment, giving our full attention to our client? Weick & Sutcliffe have noticed that many people operate mindlessly: “A tendency towards mindlessness is characterized by a style of […]

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Power up

Tired? Weary? Retreat coaching is beginning to gain ground as a way of helping clients recharge and re-evaluate their health, values and beliefs. Retreat coach Dorothy Larios creates time and space for her clients on coaching retreats. The age-old practice of retreating and connecting with self and source is the most valuable gift one can give oneself or someone who is tired and weary, says certified retreat coach Dorothy Larios. Coaches are well placed to offer this. “There is much to experience in the practice of retreating safely. Modern-day coaches can become well-equipped to meet the needs of those who […]

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Journey’s end

In the last of a two-part series on team coaching, Jill Fairbairns shares her tips for rolling out team coaching, by applying Peter Hawkins’ Five Disciplines model to a high performing team undergoing transformation A team coaching programme is rather like going on a journey. You start off clear about where you’re going and who’s coming along. Then people leave, storms blow up, you get lost or circumstances change and you want to go somewhere else instead. So you have to begin with an end in mind that will survive the change. The destination can be defined using a generic […]

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Down to Rio

Business coaching is growing rapidly in Brazil, but variable quality remains an issue, reports Stephen Eisenhammer from Rio de Janeiro Business coaching in Brazil has been growing significantly in the past few years, with a major escalation in the number of coaches, coaching companies and training providers. It has spread rapidly from its beginnings in the Brazilian subsidiaries of big international firms, to large national companies such as industrial conglomerate Votorantim, and even now to many mid-size businesses and the public sector. According to Joseph O’Connor, co-founder of Lambent do Brasil – the first coaching company in the country – […]

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Wake-up call for ‘Neets’

by Liz Hall Intensive and personalised mentoring will be among the radical Youth Contract plans announced by the UK’s Deputy Prime Minister Nick Clegg. The government will pay training providers to make “alarm calls” to wake up unemployed teenagers in a bid to get them into work. Clegg’s initiative aims to tackle the record number of England’s 16 and 17-year-olds ‘Neets’ (people who are ‘Not in Education, Employment or Training’.) Support will be tailored to suit individual needs and will include projects and interventions such as skills training on maths and literacy, and help with personal finance, health and wellbeing. […]

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Welcome to the April 2012 issue of the newsletter

Welcome to the April 2012 issue of the newsletter How can we deal with complexity? This is one of the questions driving business leaders nuts, particularly when it comes to sustainability, according to some of the coaches I speak to. One says it’s causing ‘stratospheric stress’ levels in leaders. As coaches, we need to first think about how we personally deal with complexity and ambiguity, and how can we help our clients in turn. Speaking of sustainability, in this issue, we conclude the series by Neil Scotton and Alister Scott on the roles of coaches and mentors in addressing the […]

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Bouncing Back

What is resilience? More importantly, what does it mean to your client? And can resilience be learned? Jenny Campbell explores these questions, among others, in her research into this much-debated topic Resilience is a hot topic. But is it a good thing? On the one hand, it’s seen as a negative trait that lands people in trouble1; on the other, the mental toughness measurement tool, MTQ48, assumes an ability to perform under stress is a good thing. At the heart of this debate is the definition of resilience. I undertook some research, published in 20092, based on 25 interviews with […]

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Asset management

ASSET MANAGEMENT Why should disability be a problem when you coach the ‘whole’ person? Surely it’s just another phase in the continuum of life? CoachBarbara Asimakopoulou and client Katerina Hurd report Business coaches are ideally placed to be equal partners to disabled people, helping them gain or regain control of their professional lives. The ultimate goal is to help them see their disability as just another phase in the continuum of life. Framing it in this way can assist the disabled to be autonomous agents. A useful assumption in coaching is that the client is ‘whole’, a resourceful and creative […]

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LIFE OR DEATH SALLY MOORE Can coaching provide a safe space for people to ask for help about their mental health issues – before it’s too late? I don’t follow football so, before his death, I didn’t know who Gary Speed was. The extent of the press coverage, including tributes and recognition of his achievements, means I now know much more about the Wales football manager and player. What an overwhelming tragedy for his family and those who knew him. Reactions to his suicide in November have understandably been characterised by shock and dismay. Beyond the tributes, emerging themes include […]

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