Mentoring: We’re no poor relations

In the latest in a series of columns dedicated to mentoring, we look at designing mentoring to support physical and mental needs. This issue: disability mentoring

by Lis Merrick

Mentors are vital in helping help people overcome hurdles – both real and perceived

Many people with disabilities are frustrated by their inability to make progress in the corporate world. Even though organisations have great disability equality policies, getting the job in the first place can be the biggest hurdle that a mentor supports them with.

Designing programmes to aid people with disabilities at work can be incredibly difficult, because the wide range of mental and physical disabilities may need to come under a single programme.

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Diversity Awareness Ladder

Coaching at Work road-tests the Diversity Awareness Ladder One step at a time 1 The tool What is it? Created by David Clutterbuck, the Diversity Awareness Ladder helps clients and practitioners understand and work with their stereotypes and implicit biases about people they perceive as different from themselves. It has also been used widely in general diversity education. How does it work? The Ladder is a model of two conversations – the inner conversation, which represents instinctive, emotional responses to difference and is not normally spoken out loud; and the outer conversation, which offers a way of engaging with the […]

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How low can you go?

Persistent and widespread poor self-confidence is proving a major problem for one consumer goods firm. Coaching has worked before, but the problem is creeping back. What next for its HR manager? Harry is a senior-level HR practitioner in a large, fast-moving consumer goods organisation. The business has an ongoing problem of low self-confidence among staff, marked by a wide range of unproductive attitudes, feelings and behaviours. When setbacks or failures occur, staff confidence often buckles, which becomes an insidious and challenging source of interference to effective performance and wellbeing. The individuals demonstrate self-doubt, indecisiveness, isolation, disengagement and frustration, resulting in […]

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Book Review – Integrated Experiential Coaching: Becoming an Executive Coach

Title Integrated Experiential Coaching: Becoming an Executive Coach Author Lloyd Chapman Publisher Karnac Books Ltd ISBN 978 1 85575 739 4 Usefulness 4.5 This is a rare breed of book that does justice to the complexity of executive coaching. It draws on theory, research and practice and is grounded in substantial business experience. Dr Chapman’s Integrated Experiential Coaching model incorporates Wilber’s integral psychology and Kolb’s experiential learning model and then builds on them. This book will appeal to Wilber’s fans and to those who see coaching as a ‘learning conversation’. Despite a heavy emphasis on multiple theories, the reader is […]

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Global villager

If anyone knows how to make things happen, it’s Zulfi Hussain MBE. From role-modelling disadvantaged youngsters, to championing cross-cultural working and bringing Eastern philosophies into coaching – no mission is impossible. Liz Hall discovers what’s on his bucket list Zulfi Hussain is a man who makes the impossible possible. When someone says, “It can’t be done,” he replies, “There must be a way.” Take his response to news of the Asian tsunami on Boxing Day, 2004. While most of us dabbed at our tears and gave donations, Hussain spent the Christmas period developing and setting up a non-profit web-based initiative […]

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This way out

The psychodynamic approach to executive coaching helps clients understand complex emotions and change their behaviours – even ingrained, unhelpful ones. Catherine Sandler explains how Human beings find change difficult. We want it, yet we fear and resist it. It is the same with coaching clients – they may have a genuine wish to find new, better ways of functioning, yet they cannot relinquish their old ways. The psychodynamic model of the mind makes a unique contribution to understanding this paradox. It explains the complex, deep-rooted nature of our emotional and behavioural patterns and why we repeat them – even when […]

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Hearts and minds The report of the ICF European conference in Madrid (vol 6, issue 4) conjures up a highly charged atmosphere in which the keynote speakers’ words finally got the response they were advocating, although perhaps not in the way they were intending. As I read the report, I had a sense of the audience connecting in a united voice, stimulated by one delegate’s expression of frustration. I’d like to have been in the audience. Reflecting on the editor’s invitation in her Talking Point to consider how we as coaches might shape our responses to the ‘New Normal’, I’ve […]

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Perfect match?

Gender doesn’t usually influence a client’s choice of coach, but male sexism is alive and kicking, according to research. David Gray and Harshita Goregaokar report To date, the coaching literature has been largely silent about one essential ingredient of coaching: the coach-client matching process. Our study describes the results from a coaching programme in which clients were asked to justify their choice of coach.We wanted to study coach selection processes within the coaching literature but found a lack of evidence. Hence, we turned to mentoring as a close proxy, since many matching studies in mentoring focus on gender. Women, for […]

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The Coaching Chronicles – The ancient chinese

Hello, I am Roach the Coach and I am your guide through the Coaching Chronicles. There are 4,500 species of us cockroaches so we are well placed, across the globe, and across time, to tell you about coaching… China, home to Jackie Chan, pandas, sweet and sour prawn, bamboo and Cato. Ah yes, Cato, the greatest Chinese exemplar of coaching and mentoring that ever lived. I can hear your gasps of surprise but in the Pink Panther films, Cato’s scenes were filled with coaching and mentoring insights. His frequent attempts to ambush Inspector Clouseau were just his way of ensuring […]

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Viewpoint – A woman’s work…

Helen Pitcher A new report on the lack of women at board level has given coaches a significant opportunity to change the status quo A combination of entrepreneurs, existing providers and individuals need to come together to consolidate and improve the provision of training and development for potential board members Clause 9: Women on Boards (Davies Report, February 2011) Was Lord Davies’ Women on Boards report game-changing or just another worthy contribution to the perennial debate on the need for greater gender diversity in the boardroom? The report sets a target of 25 per cent female representation for FTSE 100 […]

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