Podcast: Tim Dench on internal coaching at Euroclear

Molly Hall talks to Tim Dench about how Euroclear has built internal coaching and increased access to coaching   Tim Dench is head of coaching at Euroclear and is a former IT programme manager experienced in delivering large multinational projects and cultural change programmes. He’s designed and built the internal coaching capability at Euroclear and is now an accredited individual and team coach, holds a diploma in coaching supervision and delivers ILM accredited training courses. A firm believer in external networking, he’s a founder member of the Belgian Coaching Network, made up of a number of blue-chip companies and government […]

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A study from the European Mentoring & Coaching Council on internal coaching highlights what support multinationals need, what the EMCC is already offering, and what it plans to offer, and invites responses from other professional bodies too. Lise Lewis reports It is now the norm for organisations to have an internal coaching capability, and 75% of organisations expect this to increase over the next two years, according to the 6th Ridler Report published last year (2016) with European Mentoring & Coaching Council (EMCC) UK. Along with the predicted further growth of internal coaching, there have been observations generally within the […]

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Internal coaching is thriving in the biggest accounting firms in the UK. In this report, based on a case study by Clive Mann, managing director of Ridler & Co, we examine the development and success of internal coaching in the Big Four accounting firms. What can other larger organisations learn from them?
The ‘Big Four’ accounting firms in the UK: Deloitte, EY, KPMG and PwC, have all developed their internal coaching into sophisticated, highly credible, well-established functions. Interest in internal coaching is rising among other large organisations, too. According to the latest 2013 Ridler Report, 79 per cent of large organisational respondents expected to see an increase in internal coaching in the next three years, with 39 per cent expecting a large increase.

That interest is being driven by factors, including internal coaches’ deep understanding of their organisation’s business context/political environment, the contribution that internal coaching makes to the organisation’s coaching culture and the relative value for money of internal versus external coaching in context of the increasing demand for executive coaching.

Clive Mann, managing director of Ridler & Co, says: “Over the course of the last seven years of researching trends in the use of executive coaching in the Ridler Report, it became clear that the Big Four accounting firms were doing a huge amount of executive coaching and had built up considerable expertise, especially in the provision of internal coaching. The credibility of internal coaching has become extremely well established in these firms, with full-time internal coaches working with some of their most senior individuals.

“The 2013 Ridler Report indicates that many organisations in the UK and internationally, intend to expand their use of internal coaching as the demand for coaching increases. I felt that these organisations could learn from the Big Four’s many years of experience and lessons learned. The idea to write a case study had its genesis when I met with the Big Four at the EMCC UK’s Professional Services Network in 2013.

“The Big Four have been very open, collaborative and generous in sharing their internal coaching approaches in the case study, for the benefit of the wider community.”

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Coaching bodies to agree fitness to practise levels

Coaching buyers remain confused by the language around coaching – including ‘accredited’ and ‘master coach’ – and are in danger of using incompetent coaches. One employer told Coaching at Work it had been approached by a ‘master coach’ who, it transpired, had been awarded the title after a five-day intensive programme. Despite the ‘coach’ struggling to articulate what coaching (actually) is and the initial in-house coaching contact asking them not to approach leaders directly, the ‘coach’ subsequently gained entry into the organisation by offering free work directly to senior leaders and is now looking to earn thousands a day. “There […]

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Liz Macann has won accolades for, and spoken all over the world about, the award-winning internal coaching scheme she set up at the BBC. Macann spent 12 years at the Beeb – here she reflects on her time there, and what the future holds REFLECTED GLORY Liz Macann There was a time when a client would spot you heading in their direction and swiftly engage in a conversation rather than introduce you as their coach. These days it feels more like a badge of honour than an embarrassment. Coaching’s credibility, desirability and value continue to increase, with senior leaders often […]

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Internal coaching champion Liz Macann leaves the Beeb to ‘just be’

Liz Macann, head of executive, leadership and management coaching at the BBC, wants to “just be” – she is off to pastures new after championing coaching at the organisation for more than a decade. “It’s my choice and I’m leaving behind a very strong ship. I want to do other things and to just be for a bit.” Macann will leave in February, although she will still do consultancy work for the BBC. She already has some consultancy work lined up, helping a charity set up a coaching culture and tutoring on various courses, but she is also open to […]

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