In this column, we provoke fresh thinking and round up some of the weird, wonderful, quirky, surprising – and shocking – stories out there Sexual healing It’s time to stop ignoring sex in the context of wellbeing, say psychologists at George Mason University, who’ve discovered that engaging in sexual activity one day increases wellbeing the following day. Todd Kashdan and colleagues say sex is rarely included in theoretical models of wellbeing nor discussed in articles on the topic. The researchers set out to address this omission with a three-week diary study, examining associations between frequency and quality of sex, and […]

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Welcome to the September 2012 issue of the newsletter

Welcome to the September 2012 issue of the newsletter I remember talking to a head of coaching at a major retailer in the UK a while back (before the economic crisis) who didn’t believe in spending lots of money on evaluating coaching. He said he could see that it worked and that that was good enough for him. Whether it was good enough for the company’s finance director, I don’t know, and certainly it’s hard to imagine this coaching champion continuing to get away with not evaluating coaching in the current climate. We are certainly very preoccupied with return on […]

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News: Let your brain find possibilities

Association for Coaching UK annual conference, Edinburgh, 22 june, 2012 The only way we can bring about change in a client is by engaging with their brain – so we might as well do this on purpose, said clinical and organisational psychologist Professor Paul Brown. “Everything that happens has a neurochemical basis to it … Every time we engage with a client we engage with their brain, it’s the only way we can effect change. If that’s true, why don’t we do it deliberately? This extraordinary thing we call the self is modified,” he said. Brown said coaches don’t need […]

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