Coaching at Work e-newsletter – October 2011

Welcome to the October 2011 issue of the newsletter Should coaches challenge clients when they think they’re doing something unethical? This is a burning issue given the financial crisis, environmental pressures and the continuing lack of confidence in the current business model. And according to the Institute of Leadership & Management (ILM) and Management Today’s […]

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FTSE 100 mentoring body expands to aid gender diversity

The successful FTSE 100 Cross-Company Mentoring Programme last month (October) morphed into the Mentoring Foundation, a not-for-profit organisation headed up by the programme’s original founder, Peninah Thomson. Thomson said: “The programme’s success, its recent extension to cover FTSE 350 companies, and the increased demand for female directors following the publication of the Davies Report earlier […]

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Twist in the tale

When Lis Merrick got turned down for a wallpaper hanging course, it set in motion a train of events that would lead her to become one of the UK’s best-known mentoring consultants. Liz Hall explains how If she hadn’t been turned down for a place on a wallpaper hanging course, Lis Merrick may never have […]

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India links

Although business coaching is seen as costly in India, it’s common practice in India’s booming IT sector – and it’s expected to grow rapidly in other sectors too. Raghavendra Verma reports from New Delhi Business coaching may still be nascent in India, yet talented professionals are increasingly seeking it out. “[Business coaching] is seen by […]

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Perfect match?

Gender doesn’t usually influence a client’s choice of coach, but male sexism is alive and kicking, according to research. David Gray and Harshita Goregaokar report To date, the coaching literature has been largely silent about one essential ingredient of coaching: the coach-client matching process. Our study describes the results from a coaching programme in which […]

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How to… Retain talent through maternity leave

By Jennifer Liston-Smith Organisations are providing targeted coaching through the transition to motherhood. It will help retain talent, and support engagement and performance on their return. This family-friendly culture is one of the building blocks of female leadership development It’s increasingly recognised that gender-balanced boards make better decisions than single-gender management. Findings from Catalyst1 and […]

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Ernst & Young launches maternity coaching programme

Liz Hall Professional services firm Ernst & Young has launched a maternity coaching scheme to help it retain talented women and “unblock” any “blockages in the talent pipeline.” The scheme is open to all female staff and has already been taken up by more than 240 people across the UK and Ireland. As one of […]

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Viewpoint – A woman’s work…

Helen Pitcher A new report on the lack of women at board level has given coaches a significant opportunity to change the status quo A combination of entrepreneurs, existing providers and individuals need to come together to consolidate and improve the provision of training and development for potential board members Clause 9: Women on Boards […]

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Are you there?

Fans of the work of Ingmar Bergman, will appreciate the importance of silence in human interaction. In coaching too, silence can be golden. But just how does that work in a telephone session? John Charlton explains Silence is a really important part of good coaching. A good coach knows silence indicates reflection,” says independent coach […]

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Research matters – too close for comfort?

Should coaches consider the intimacy created in the coaching relationship and its impact, asks Lis Merrick of the Coaching and Mentoring Research Unit at Sheffield Business School The concept of intimacy is so often tainted with sexual overtones that the coaching profession tends to shun discussion of it or shuffle with uncomfortableness when it is […]

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