Coaching at Work conference 2018 – Working with and learning from the younger generations – Lindsay Wittenberg, Victoria Niroomand-Rad and guests

By Molly Hall One unusual session at the Coaching at Work annual conference on 4 July saw coaches, young female students and their teacher come together in a lively exploration of assumptions different generations hold about one another, potential differences and common ground between the generations, and offered coaches a chance to try out coaching students. The session was facilitated by Lindsay Wittenberg, with secondary school teacher Victoria Niroomand-Rad, with the aim of exploring “what connects us, what divides us, and how to make connections”, said Wittenberg. They were joined by two female students from a London school, all of […]

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Members of newer generations are not the independent, innovative creatures many think they are – they need more support, stability, structure and inclusion than previous generations, according to a large-scale European study. “We assume for no reason that they [Gen Y and Z] are the bright young things. Organisations expect people to be more agile and innovative, but people want less of this,” said David Ringwood, vice president of client development, EMEA, Management Research Group, which conducted the study. The study was carried out among nearly 9,000 individuals in Europe, examining differences in motivation between four generations: Baby Boomers, Gen […]

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