How to get the first meeting right

Stresses the importance of the first coaching session, giving tips for coaches to ensure that the coaching relationship will be successful Eyal Pavell You will never have a second chance to make the first coaching meeting successful. Get it right and it’s half the work done. But get it wrong and the chances are you will never see your client again. There are no hard statistics about the percentage of coachees that do not return for the second coaching session. But numbers for other consultative professions, such as counselling or psychotherapy, show that about a third of clients choose not […]

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Fuelling a fusion

Explains how coaching was used to help senior leaders through the major changes that followed Shell’s merger of eight separate businesses into one. Coaching will now be offered more widely throughout the company.

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Ward focus

Explains how the Surrey and Sussex SHA has used sports coaching techniques to develop the leadership skills of its managers

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