Coaching can offer vital support to family businesses, guiding members in relationship conflicts, for example. Manfusa Shams and David Lane report With the global economy increasingly built on contributions from family businesses, it’s important to help them grow sustainably. One effective means of supporting these businesses is coaching, but it requires a specialist, blended approach. In the UK alone, it’s estimated that around 4.6 million businesses are from family firms, employing almost 12 million people and contributing a quarter of GDP in the UK (IFB, 2016). The right support at the right time can make all the difference to the sustainability […]

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Almost half of UK-based public sector employees say they spend less time with their families than they did five years ago, reveals research. On average, public sector employees clock more overtime hours (three hours and 48 minutes) each week than those in the private sector (three hours and 12 minutes), according to the research conducted by civil service and public sector membership club Boundless, formerly CSMA Club. However, despite two in five public sector workers saying they have less time because of working longer hours, three in five admitted they waste more time using digital devices and watching TV in […]

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