To many, the loss of David Gray feels both personal and professional. He was a great colleague who worked to get the best out of you in joint projects and brought immense humanity to the relationship, writes David Lane. I worked with David Gray on projects including the Global Coaching Convention (GCC) in Dublin and Cape Town in which his thoughtful insights were always welcome. The collaborative nature of this initiative suited him well as I found when he invited Bob Garvey and I to join him on a book project to provide a critical review of coaching and mentoring. […]

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Learning providers must stop ‘patronising’ SMEs

We have been “barking up the wrong tree for years” with our business education models, according to Bob Garvey. At his inaugural lecture on 31 October for his chair in Business Education at York St John Business School, Professor Garvey was set to challenge current frameworks for learning delivered by most providers in the market. His lecture, ‘Learning Business’, shared an alternative model of business education based on conversational learning. He said, “There can be little doubt that those that learn the fastest in business are often the most successful. But SME business leaders are often patronised by public and […]

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Perfect match?

Gender doesn’t usually influence a client’s choice of coach, but male sexism is alive and kicking, according to research. David Gray and Harshita Goregaokar report To date, the coaching literature has been largely silent about one essential ingredient of coaching: the coach-client matching process. Our study describes the results from a coaching programme in which clients were asked to justify their choice of coach.We wanted to study coach selection processes within the coaching literature but found a lack of evidence. Hence, we turned to mentoring as a close proxy, since many matching studies in mentoring focus on gender. Women, for […]

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