Struggling to meet the requirements for coach accreditation or feel you’ve lost your edge? Clare Norman reports on a ‘lock-in’ weekend retreat she’s developed to boost CPD   Does the following describe where you’re at? It’s been some time since you attended your original coach training. You fear you’ve lost your razor sharpness, but you can’t see your own blind spots1. You know being unconsciously competent2 isn’t good enough for your own sense of satisfaction nor is it in your clients’ best interests. You are looking for CPD to sharpen your coaching edge, harness your creativity and bring more innovation […]

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An internal coach discloses in supervision, client reports of bullying. She must take a stand but also she wants to leave. How can supervision help? The issue Beth is a highly qualified, experienced internal coach in a global organisation. She has been working with you, her supervisor, for six months, and is normally very upbeat when she comes to sessions. Today she’s come to her supervision with a frown on her face and her energy feels very different. She tells you that she’s been hearing in her coaching, and through her employee engagement role, stories about some disturbing behaviours. She’s […]

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