EMCC 24th annual conference, Amsterdam, 11-13 April 2018 The GROW model is not fully fit for purpose in the Islamic world because of its focus on goals and because it’s not sufficiently focused on creating the right partnership conditions at the outset. These were among the conclusions of Kuwait-based Raja’a Allaho and London-based Christian van Nieuwerburgh, which prompted them to develop a coaching methodology better suited to Islamic culture. Their Ershad model supports creating the right relationship conditions based on trust and respect, before the actual coaching begins, and is about partnering with clients to help them lead a spiritual […]

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How to increase the chances of an aha moment

By Liz Hall

The more you push for an “aha moment”, the less likely it is you´ll get one but you can create conditions to make it more likely to happen, said Christian van Nieuwerburgh.

To encourage new thinking in clients, we need to encourage them to “unfocus”, be creative, experience challenge and believe, said Dr van Nieuwerburgh, senior lecturer at the University of East London´s School of Psychology in the United Kingdom.

Research on the brain shows that just before an aha moment the brain goes into an alpha (relaxed) state, then suddenly there is a “gamma spike”, where a constellation of neurons bind together for the first time to create a new neural network pathway. This is the creation of a new idea. So it helps to allow the brain to “be idle” such as going for a walk, said Dr van Nieuwerburgh.

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Mental toughness enhances workplace performance

By Christian van Nieuwerburgh Higher levels of mental toughness have been shown to correlate with enhanced levels of well-being, according to AQR managing director, Doug Strycharczyk. Some 140 coaches gathered at Aston Business School in Birmingham for a conference on ‘Coaching for Resilience: Strengthening Your Organisation from Within.’ In his opening address, Strycharczyk said that mental toughness can explain up to 25 per cent of variation in performance between individuals. The event was organised by the West Midlands Coaching Pool and AQR. Emeritus professor at Sheffield Hallam University, David Megginson warned of the “joyless depletion” which can be the result […]

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