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But seriously…

Manfred Kets de Vries’ novel approach to leadership coaching uses animals, jokes and irreverence. And it has won him a wealth of plaudits.


‘De-escalate and reflect’ – de Haan

Coaches have an urgent role to play in helping people understand, de-escalate and reflect on conflict Liz Hall Speaking at the EMCC UK conference, de Haan said coaches are well-placed to help people understand conflict and unleash the potential for learning embedded in it. Now we are increasingly part of a global community, our conflicts are also becoming more global, bringing a shared need to understand them. “Fewer and fewer people can afford to be engaged in primitive acting out – we have to de-escalate and to reflect, and I believe we, as organisational coaches, are in the business of […]


Give me shelter

In a recession, leaders are at risk of ignoring effective behaviour and reverting to inappropriate ‘default’ positions. Explains how they can avoid the traps and stay in charge.


Snow wonder

The best supervision guides coach and client towards a moment of sudden illumination. Research looks at how supervisors achieve these moments of clarity


Out of mind

Coach-mentors know what makes clients ‘tick’ – and they don’t need psychology qualifications to prove it. An opinion piece