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What is leadership now in light of the shock Brexit referendum result? And what will guide our coaching in this period of uncertainty? By Lindsay Wittenberg As I write this, my shock at the outcome of the EU referendum result is slowly subsiding. I’ve been dismayed at the failure of our senior political leadership to accurately communicate the true facts of the UK’s EU membership. I’ve been appalled at the lack of integrity in the campaigns. I’ve been saddened at the divisions and exclusions that have developed rather than building on interconnection and the value of diversity. I’ve been alarmed […]



Compass or straitjacket? A client’s lack of clarity in the contracting process may prove problematic at first, but measurables will often surface during the coaching relationship By Lindsay Wittenberg   Measurement – or, rather, lack of it – and contracting are attracting my attention. I’m thinking of the client who resists expressing specific coaching objectives – and whose measurables for those objectives are therefore hard for them to define. The line manager who is convinced that a report will benefit from coaching, but who is vague and general in their expectations, objectives and measurables. The organisational sponsor of a large […]



Who is responsible for our mental health at work? And where is the boundary of the coach’s responsibility to call out damage? By Lindsay Wittenberg We hear and read increasingly about the need for wellbeing – and its underpinning of effectiveness. If wellbeing at work relates to a sense of ease in the working environment, fulfilment, belonging, being valued, having rewarding relationships and good health, then whose responsibility is it? Not only is this responsibility unclear in some organisations, but also the mention of mental health may be taboo, in a way that the mention of physical health isn’t. Admitting […]



People live and work in complex contexts. Using constellations as part of systemic coaching can offer profound insights into clients’ challenges By Lindsay Wittenberg When a new client comes for coaching they bring with them their challenges as they see them from their individual perspective. We may work with them on their thinking patterns, their psychological frameworks, the patterns of their relationships or their emotional intelligence, and we may introduce them to tips and techniques they can use to manage themselves in specific situations. We support them to understand their situation and choose new behaviours. In addition, each client lives […]



Coaches need to be knowable to their clients. It increases their capacity to hear compassionately as clients open up to explore difficult issues By Lindsay Wittenberg My brief for these columns is to share my reflections on my client work, the learning that’s emerged for me from those reflections, and the impact on my practice. The very fact of setting out my reflections in public always makes me think carefully about the balance between my contract for confidentiality with my clients, on the one hand, and providing content that readers may find useful, on the other. It’s not always an easy […]



Clients can become so embroiled in their work that they lose their identity. Coaching can guide them back to being whole, integrated beings again By Lindsay Wittenberg   I’m intrigued by how the question of how the coaching client’s identity – or more accurately, identities – is manifested in the coaching encounter. For some leaders, coming to greater clarity about, and acceptance of, who they really are (and the learning that this more than anything will impact their effectiveness) is a significant challenge. It’s closely connected to the challenge of managing how they show up at work. Organisational cultures demand […]



OPINION By Lindsay Wittenberg Aggressive leaders and insensitive feedback fail to get the best from staff, yet coaches must not judge the culture – or their client’s view of leadership I’m intrigued by the different perspectives that clients offer me on leadership as it is lived. There was the senior executive with responsibility for a significant initiative that was intended to transform the business – a role she loved. However, a new boss, the CEO, was making a big impression – and it wasn’t a positive one. It seemed to my client that the boss thought it was motivating to shout […]



THE REAL MESSAGE LINDSAY WITTENBERG When coaching new clients, beware of making subconscious assumptions about them that may be hidden from all parties In the space of five days recently I had first coaching sessions with seven new clients. One came almost rushing in to the room, saying, “Well, you’ve got quite a piece of work in front of you: this coaching is my last chance saloon!” Another was hesitant and seemed apprehensive. Over the course of these days I experimented with a slight shift in my approach – from absorbing and cognitively processing a slew of new information and […]


Reflections: Gold from dust

Lindsay Wittenberg The first session with a client is an Aladdin’s Cave of possibilities, with riches waiting to be discovered – if we use the right tools As coaching programmes proceed and progress, we all become conscious in sharper relief of the issues that are significant for our clients. We begin to discern connections and patterns that inform the creativity of our approaches, the questions we ask and the challenges we pose. However, when I reflect on the development of my own insights and perceptions in relation to any given coaching programme, I realise that the client has often given […]


Reflections: what really goes on during contracting?

What do we see when we reflect deeply? This issue: what really goes on during contracting? Letter and spirit Lindsay Wittenberg I’ve been reflecting on what’s actually happening in my contracting with clients. The coaching contract defines the work we’re doing and how we’re doing it. It keeps us on track, and acts as a reference point. It means we don’t wander off piste without being conscious of doing so, and sets the tone for mutual responsibilities. Contracting is how all my coaching programmes start. It consists of three aspects: a commercial contract, a working relationship contract and the definition […]