How to design effective mentoring programmes

How to design effective mentoring programmes

with Prof Bob Garvey PhD

Seminar date: Wednesday 4th September 2019
Venue: The BPS London Offices
Timings: 10:00 am – 5:00 pm

NB Please note that due to unforeseen circumstances, Lis Merrick is unable to deliver the masterclass. However, mentoring expert, Prof Bob Garvey has kindly offered to run the masterclass. The title, aims and objectives remain unchanged.

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About this Event

In this engaging and experiential masterclass, Prof Bob Garvey will consider how to design and develop a mentoring approach within an organisation. He will explore the different models, dynamics and uses of mentoring globally and the key steps to create a really robust and effective programme.

Masterclass Outline

The masterclass will begin by examining how the mentoring approach in organisations differs due to culture and context and understand the different uses of mentoring in formal programmes.

The participants will then work in pairs or small groups on the design of some ‘real’ programmes using these key steps to mentoring programme design:

The rationale for the programme
Influencing stakeholders
Clear recruitment strategy
Communications and marketing
Preparing the participants
Matching process
Supporting the programme
Review and evaluation
The role of the mentoring co-ordinator/manager

Bob will tailor the design part of the masterclass to the specific needs of the participants attending. There will be an opportunity to work on your own programme design, or to use the masterclass to refresh an existing programme you are running.

Aims and Objectives

The masterclass will ensure the participants understand:

The different models and dynamics of mentoring
How to use mentoring to support different OD and L&D interventions
How to use a step approach to design an effective programme using the latest good practice and research in mentoring
The short cuts and quick wins to robust programme set up
The challenges and barriers in programme design and how to overcome them.
The masterclass also provides an opportunity for participants to share knowledge and experiences in developing mentoring programmes.

Please come with ideas of possible programmes you would like to design or information about an existing programme you would like to review and revitalise.


Bob Garvey is one of the world’s leading academic practitioners of coaching and mentoring. He is an experienced coach/mentor working with, for example, musicians, HR Managers, small business owners, young people, academics and executives.

Bob has great experience in a whole range of different types of organisations. These include large and small businesses, the public and private sector, voluntary organisation and NGOs. He has worked in many different industries including financial services, manufacturing, scientific, creative arts, education and health. Bob subscribes to the ‘repertoire’ approach to mentoring and coaching. He is in demand internationally as a keynote conference speaker where he is known for his lively and challenging approach.

Bob has a PhD from the University of Durham in the UK. He is a Fellow of the Royal Society of Arts and has published many books and papers on the practice of coaching and mentoring. He is a founding member of the European Mentoring and Coaching Council (EMCC) and until this year, Honorary President of Coaching York. In 2014, the EMCC presented him with the Mentor award for services to mentoring and also in 2014, he received a life time achievement award for contributions to mentoring from Coaching at Work. Tis year, he was Highly Commended in the CAW awards for his work as an external mentor/coach.

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