Executive Coaching: A Psychodynamic ApproachDr Catherine Sandler with Dr Catherine Sandler

Date: Tuesday 25th February 2020
Venue: The BPS London Offices
Timings: 10.00am – 5.00pm

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Masterclass outline

As the executive coaching profession matures, interest is growing in models that enable deeper, psychology-based approaches to working with clients. The psychodynamic model emphasises the need to understand the hidden thoughts and feelings that are often the invisible drivers of human behaviour. These insights enable interventions that help the coachee play to their strengths while addressing deep-rooted but unhelpful patterns. Sensitivity, insight and self-awareness on the part of the coach are needed to work in this way but the results are often transformational.


The aim of the masterclass is to introduce the key concepts underpinning the psychodynamic approach, explain and practise their application and encourage participants to start drawing on this approach in their client work.


The importance of emotions, the role of the unconscious mind, psychological defences, the Emotional Profiles Triangle™ and transference/counter-transference (gaining insights from the client/coach relationship).
The practical use of these ideas when coaching.
Examples from Catherine’s own cases and from participants sharing their own material (all suitably disguised).
Exploration of a range of practical techniques to help clients gain self-awareness and achieve positive change.
A ‘live coaching’ session with a volunteer coachee followed by discussion.
Dr Catherine Sandler has worked in the field of leadership development for more than 25 years and is one of the UK’s most experienced executive coaches. She specialises in working with senior individuals across the business sector. Client organisations include FTSE 100 companies such as Burberry and Barclays and professional partnerships such as EY, along with SMEs and not-for-profits such as BBC and Tate.


Catherine has worked at London Business School, INSEAD and the Tavistock Clinic and she is a qualified counsellor. Over the past decade she has taught, spoken and published widely on coaching-related topics including leading in turbulent times, bullying at work and coaching supervision. Her best-selling book, Executive Coaching: A Psychodynamic Approach, has attracted considerable attention in the UK and abroad. In 2016 the book was published in Mandarin and Catherine runs regular programmes in Beijing and Shanghai.

Catherine’s coaching is set apart by a powerful combination of psychological and business insight and by her proactive style. She brings both empathy and a results-focused approach to her client work and has a proven track record of helping clients transform their leadership effectiveness.