Jason Price


Jason is a very experienced coach and learning development specialist. He has worked in the people development arena for 12 years and worked in extremely varied contexts and with a diverse clent base. He is, perhaps a little too geekily, committed to the study of human performance and fulfilment. He has worked for large multi nationals as well as working for clients whose challenges or circumstances lie outside of the business world.

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Membership of professional bodies

  • Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development

Coaching approach

As a coach Jason's personal values, experiences and thought processes means he takes a cognitive behavioural approach to supporting long-term personal change. He will use challenging and incisive questioning primarily to create deeper self-awareness of his client’s aims, thought processes, cognitions and behaviours. He strongly believes that this is the approach that is more likely encourage long-term change as he helps clients to become their own coach. Through a deeper understanding of why they do what they do, clients can more clearly identify for themselves how to do things differently. His NLP Master background influences his coaching practice. The use of NLP principles combined with positive psychology and a deep knowledge of how the brain works, allows Jason to build his clients' self-belief, remove limiting beliefs and boosting confidence levels to help support long-term change.