Irene Nedelitsky


I work with leaders, founders, and experts who struggle with decision-making, influence, leadership, confidence, and control to achieve 788% ROI in 90 days through bespoke transformational coaching. After coaching 564+ founders and leaders from Fortune 500 companies, these are the top 5 things coaching helps them achieve: 1. Attract life-changing opportunities. 2. Make decisions faster and stress-free. 3. Increase self-awareness and emotional intelligence. 4. Influence with intention and trust. 5. Become recognized in their niche.

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Membership of professional bodies

  • International Coach Federation

Coaching approach

My clients went: From self-doubt to being promoted in 2 months. From hopelessness at their day job to launching a dream business while working a 9-to-5. From shy to confident to network with industry leaders and establish a shining reputation. From leading a disengaged team and struggling with underperformers to leading a thriving pool of talent who put in their 100% daily. From a toxic workplace to being cherished at their top-choice company (without quitting before they landed a dream job). From constant stress and lack of time to creating balance to spend more time with people who matter. From an overwhelmed founder struggling to meet business demands to a successful business owner who built a golden team and gained a competitive edge on the market.