Hazel Russo


I have been coaching professionally for over 18 years and have worked with executives, leaders and professionals from a wide range of industries and sectors. Clients include individuals and teams in the energy, finance, IT, health, education and third sectors. I am also an ILM Level 7 qualified Coaching Supervisor, facilitator and Action Learning Set practitioner. I work one to one with executives and senior managers to support personal and professional development. I also work with individuals privately and at any level in an organisation to support career development. I am the creator of Lumination, a coaching and development tool, which supports individuals, groups and teams to have meaningful coaching conversations. Designed as a board game, Lumination is an invaluable tool for managers, L&D and OD professionals looking to enhance coaching capacity within their organisation.

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Coaching approach

My coaching style is non-directive and solution-focused. I enjoy working with people who are ready to engage in the types of powerful conversations that make a difference - to them and the people around them. My style is quiet yet powerful - playful yet insightful - and not without challenge as I cut to the heart of whatever issue my clients present. I incorporate a range of approaches into my practice where appropriate, including values elicitation, a focus on strengths, Lumination and a variety of models that can be helpful in the context of the client's issue. Fundamentally I work with my intuition to tailor the coaching to the individual's needs.