Claire Pedrick


Claire coaches individuals and teams in different professions – including Leaders in organisations and governments, NHS Managers, Investment Bankers, Senior Managers in Pharma, CEOs of National Charities and clergy (Curates to Bishops). She is experienced at facilitating boards and teams in corporates, the public sector and the charity sector. She runs the Coaching for Excellence programme which is now well known for developing coaching potential in managers through working more and more simply. She is a trained and Experienced Supervisor and receives supervision on her coaching and her supervision. Claire is an inspirational speaker and regularly speaks at events nationally about the importance of having effective conversations . She is passionate about working with organisations to engage in effective and productive conversations in order for everyone to be the best they can be.

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Membership of professional bodies

  • International Coach Federation
  • International Coach Federation UK

Coaching approach

Through powerful conversations Claire works with others, taking them to the heart of issues and enabling them to achieve transformational change in the context of their organisation. This process is often challenging, and Claire uses simple, firm and direct questions that respect her clients’ world without allowing them to avoid difficult topics/insights. She provides clear and relevant feedback, and the feedback she receives confirms that she is able to provide more help in 10 minutes than many have received through months or years of other interventions, and has done so in every context over the last 20 years.