Climate Coaching Action Day, 2023

The fourth Climate Coaching Action Day takes place on 2nd March, 2023

This initiative was launched in 2020 by Coaching at Work, but although we mark it, too, it was always intended to be an invitation for others to embrace, as have organisations, including the Climate Coaching Alliance (CCA), professional coaching and coaching psychology bodies, coach training organisations, including the Academy of Executive Coaching, International Academy for Professional Development, Centre for Coaching, and Positivity Coaching.

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We’ll share events on Climate Coaching Action Day and Coaching at Work social media.

Coaching at Work 

Coaching at Work has released two new conversations relating to Climate Coaching Action Day. These are available on this website (see below) and also on our 24/7 station, Coaching at Work Radio.

Podcast: Liz Hall in conversation with Jo Confino

A podcast with leadership, sustainability expert, journalist and Zen practitioner Jo Confino. In the podcast, Liz Hall and Confino talk about topics including spaciousness, impermanence, inter-connectedness- the universe in a carrot and in us, the far-reaching impact of every action versus individuation, mindfulness, the power of presence and deep listening in coaching, and Confino’s work with climate justice leaders.

Podcast: Liz Hall in conversation with Charly Cox

A podcast with Charly Cox, an award-winning (Coaching at Work) climate change coach and founder of Climate Change Coaches, who specializes in developing leaders in environmentally-focused businesses. In this podcast, she talks to Liz Hall about the book she wrote with Sarah Flynn, Climate Change Coaching: the power of connection to create climate action.

Previous Coaching at Work Podcasts and Article for Climate Coaching Action Day

A leader in the field, Dr Alison Whybrow, who very sadly passed away on 27/2/22, shared her concerns with us about the climate crisis in her article titled, ‘We are not OK‘. 

Climate Coaching Alliance (CCA)

The Climate Coaching Alliance (CCA), will be running a Global Festival, 2 to 31st March. The theme is: Tools for Transitions Navigating the Paradoxes, Polarities and Paradigms in Climate Coaching

  • 02 – 05 March, 2023: 9 Live Keynote Speaker Events
  • 06 – 31 March, 2023: 2 Live Events Each day. 1 Reflection Day Each Week; 1 Rest Day Each Week

Visit their website for further information.

International Society of Coaching Psychology

The International Society for Coaching Psychology (ISCP), ISCP International Centre for Coaching Psychology Research and the ISCP Faculty of Climate Change and Coaching Psychology support Climate Coaching Action Day. In December, 2021, Alison launched the Faculty with Dr Siobhain O’Riordan and Prof Stephen Palmer. In support of the event, the ISCP is releasing the last keynote the late Dr Alison Whybrow gave at the 11th International Congress of Coaching Psychology, sponsored by the ISCP in 2021 to watch during March, in support of Climate Coaching Action Day and in memory of Alison and her outstanding contribution to the coaching psychology profession and the field of climate conscious coaching. The Zoom link to the keynote recording, ‘How do we create relationships able to hold reconnection and recovery?’ is now available on the ISCP websites. This keynote has an introduction by Dr Siobhain and Stephen which was included for the ISCP Congress in 2022. The ISCP is also releasing the Coaching Psychology International special issue titled ‘Ecopsychology informed coaching psychology‘ co-edited by Siobhain O’Riordan and Stephen Palmer.

ICF Thought Leadership Institute

In honour of Coaching Climate Action Day, the ICF Thought Leadership Institute is launching its second Future of Planetary Ecology Collection, featuring a spotlight article here on the inspiring work of the Climate Coaching Alliance.

Visit its Future of Planetary Ecology collection to learn more. Read the bios of the Wisdom Weavers here. And watch for more collections as it begins to publish monthly content through its Global Digital Library.

Academy of Executive Coaching

The AoEC is releasing a podcast, Coaching Conversations with the AoEC Podcast. Coaching with and within nature, in which the AoEC’s George Warren is joined by Tabitha Jayne from Earthself and Lesley Roberts from Coaching Outdoors to look at coaching through the lens of nature. They’ll explore how coaching practitioners can make the most of what nature can offer them, the client, organisation and the planet. From awakening the senses to the world around us, to bringing the natural world into our coaching conversations, they’ll share their expertise in how nature and connecting with nature can help improve mental and physical wellbeing and boost creativity and focus. It’s also creating a unique webpage containing all of the resources it’s created for Climate Coaching Action Day over the years.

International Academy for Professional Development & affiliated Centres

The International Academy for Professional Development and their affiliated centres including Centre for CoachingCentre for Health CoachingCentre for Positive Transitions, and Centre for Stress Management support Climate Coaching Action Day. They are collating articles co-authored by their staff, trainers and associates on topics relating to climate coaching, ecoanxiety, ecostress, ecodepression, eco-research, and coaching/therapy interventions to enable coachees and clients to maintain motivation.  Article abstracts and links for downloading the articles can be found on their new Climate Coaching Action Day webpage.

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