Welcome to the February 2014 issue of the newsletter

Whether you believe in climate change or not (seriously, are there still people out there who don’t?), the devastating floods in the UK remind us not only how unpredictable our world is, and how vulnerable we are, but also how inter-connected and inter-linked everything is. The days when we coached a client with little regard for the systems in which they operated in are surely over for all of us. This year, the theme for our annual conference on 2 July will reflect this growing attendance to a holistic approach. We’ll be announcing the line-up soon. To whet your appetite […]

Welcome to the January 2014 issue of the newsletter

Welcome to the January 2014 issue of the newsletter

A very Happy New Year to you all. Resolutions are not everyone’s cup of tea and goal setting is not the be all and end all in coaching, but we all appreciate the power identifying meaningful goals can have. Do you have any New Year’s resolutions, or at least a general sense of what you want this year to look like? The Institute of Leadership and Management asked 1,001 workers about their workplace resolutions- 31 % identified improving work/life balance, 28% a desire to receive more training or attain a new qualification, 13% to become a better manager, and 11% to be more productive at work. A fifth plan to quit their job this year.

One of our resolutions here at Coaching at Work is to make extra sure we’re giving you what you want. We’ve now gone through the results of our survey on the topics you’re interested in for conferences and masterclasses (thanks to those of you who responded). Our masterclass line-up for this year takes your responses into account- neuroscience, coaching through transitions, leadership and team coaching are among the hot topics and we’ve announced dates for masterclasses on all four (see Diary Dates) with more in the pipeline. We’re using your responses to inform our choices for our annual conference on 2 July too.

Liz Hall Editor, Coaching at Work, Winner of the Association for Coaching Award for Impacting (Leadership/External Focus) Service to the Wider Community for 2010–11

Welcome to the December 2013 issue of the newsletter

Welcome to the December 2013 issue of the newsletter

Even before the outpouring of grief, respect and gratitude that has graced many of the world’s press pages over recent weeks following Mandela’s passing, if you’d asked someone to name a handful of truly inspirational leaders, chances are Mandela’s name would have featured. We asked a handful of coaches and leadership experts what we can learn from Mandela for leadership and coaching today – see News Online below.
How about you: what is Mandela’s legacy to you, and how can we as coaches and mentors help to develop future leaders who can follow in Mandela’s footsteps?

In 2014, income in coaching will rise, predict 54% of respondents to the annual Coaching at Work readers’ survey, compared to15% last year (see News Online ). The top priorities for 2014 are: becoming more aligned with business (36%), evaluation/ROI (33%), then forming a chartered institute for coaching/and or mentoring (24%), followed by accreditation (22%). You have mixed feelings whether the profession should form a chartered institute (News Online) http://www.coaching-at-work.com/2013/12/13/news-mixed-feelings-about-chartered-institute/

Please note that the Coaching at Work offices will be closed over the Christmas period, re-opening on 6th January. For urgent subscription enquiries, call 08443221274

We thank everyone for your support and wish you all the very best for 2014.

Welcome to the November 2013 issue of the newsletter

Welcome to the November 2013 issue of the newsletter It’s time for our annual readers’ survey once again. We’re interested to hear what you think the profession has achieved over the last year, and what our priorities should be going forward. And we’ve some other questions too, such as whether you think we need a Chartered Institute for Coaching in the UK (and your reasons for your thinking either way), whether we’re seeing a shift generally in coaching towards consultancy, for example, and whether you’re offering team coaching, and a host of other questions. We will as usual print the […]

Welcome to the October 2013 issue of the newsletter

Welcome to the October 2013 issue of the newsletter It’s the tenth anniversary of coaching supervision in the UK and we’ve come a very long way, as our special report shows (see Leading the way and Reflecting on practice in Highlights).  But not everyone is convinced (see Show us proof in Highlights). We are so often our own harshest critic, and much of coaching sets out to tackle low self-esteem in clients. Apparently, practising mindfulness is linked to higher self-esteem, according to a study by Pepping et al. We’re still taking bookings for Liz Hall’s Masterclass on Mindfulness & Coaching […]

Welcome to the September 2013 issue of the newsletter

Independent thinking is systemically repressed at every level in our culture and the coaching profession needs to be the first to halt this, said the ever-inspirational Nancy Kline in her keynote address at the Association for Coaching (AC) UK annual conference in London.

As coaches, we tend to operate solely in ‘exchange thinking’ and this is what we’re paid for, yet it’s the fostering of generative ‘fully independent thinking’ that our clients long for, said Kline.

Welcome to the August 2013 issue of the newsletter

Welcome to the August 2013 issue of the newsletter   If you’re on holiday as you read this, and you feel compelled to go through emails rather than switch off completely, you’re not alone (See Stop Press). We operate in a system which expects us to be available more and more, especially given advances in technology. But is this a good thing? Probably not- far too many of us from are overwhelmed by hyper-regulation (See Highlights or go here for full article), says Claire Genkai Breeze. As coaches, we need to role-model self-care for our clients, rather than colluding with […]

Welcome to the July 2013 issue of the newsletter

Welcome to the July 2013 issue of the newsletter Exciting news on the accreditation front: the professional coaching bodies have produced a document outlining their requirements in areas they have in common such as CPD, and have compiled documents showing some of their differences (See Stop press). And the EMCC is now offering a shortcut to individual accreditation for members who’ve already been assessed on certain criteria by the ICF.Who are goals for? Does contracting make us smaller? To what extent are goals a straitjacket? These were some of the questions posed by David Megginson in his challenging and thought-provoking […]

Welcome to the June 2013 issue of the newsletter

Welcome to the June 2013 issue of the newsletter Ireland’s been abuzz with a string of firsts- the G8 Summit in Fermanagh, Barack and Michele Obama’s first visit to Northern Ireland and now, the first-ever event to be jointly-delivered by three coaching bodies. (See News Online). The Association for Coaching, the European Mentoring & Coaching Council and the International Coach Federation joined forces to deliver the event in Dublin on leadership, culture and ethics to a packed room. Let’s hope this collaborative initiative is the first of many. Are you credible and do you have gravitas? These are sponsors’ top […]

Welcome to the May 2013 issue of the newsletter

Welcome to the May 2013 issue of the newsletter We all know relationships play a part in determining the outcome of coaching interventions. But just how much of a part? What about all those shiny new tools we’ve just added, or our personality type, for example? Well, the cat’s out of the bag now. According to the largest-ever coaching outcome study, the relationship is the best predictor of outcome (News online), just as studies in the therapeutic arena had suggested earlier So when it comes to CPD, anything that helps us attend to relationships is going to be a worthwhile […]