Wake-up call

A local authority finance director wants a coaching programme for his reports. He is keen on the process and feels his team would benefit, but is unaware of how negative they are feeling Paul is a lively, ambitious 50-year-old finance director in a metropolitan local authority. He has just come to the end of a successful professional development programme and is a zealous convert to coaching. He now wants to prepare his departmental managers for the considerable challenges ahead by commissioning coaching for the whole team, whom he describes as a “good bunch”. He has made it clear that he […]

A hard act to follow

A highly capable technology manager has the heads but not the hearts of his staff. He does not empathise and knows little about them. Can coaching bring some engagement to both sides? John is new in his role as head of technology. Though capable technically, his CEO says he’s not “getting the results from his people” and that he needs to be more of an inspirational leader. He is extremely bright with a responsibility for more than 600 staff and 12 direct reports. He is hard working, dedicated and respected for his honesty and integrity. Psychometric profiles reveal: He has […]

Troubleshooter – am I glad to see you!

A ‘go-getting’ director in a hi-tech US business is being held back by the negative attitude of her vice president. He simply does not see a leader in her. Can coaching bridge the gap? Susan is a very bright, career-orientated, ambitious single woman in her 40s. She is director in the contract division of a large hi-tech US company. Her considerable responsibility involves writing contracts for foreign work, including in Iraq. Although she is quick, efficient and trustworthy, Susan has failed to impress her boss, the vice president of her division. His dismissive attitude tends to reinforce her habit of […]

Don’t stop me now

Cutbacks mean a top academic must re-apply for a post on his reduced team. His messy appearance gives a poor impression yet he sees his boss as the problem. Should the coach redirect him? A colleague who knows you specialise in career coaching has recommended you to a senior academic in a leading university. The university has a large deficit and will have to retrench. Eight posts are being whittled down to three to form a new executive team and all the current post holders (including this client) have been invited to apply. There is no time for a proper […]

Big fish, new pond

A decision to keep only the ‘safe’ members of a sales force has coincided with an upsurge in new business. Can coaching take them out of their comfort zone – and into new ways of selling? Valerie is sales director of a large manufacturer. The difficult economic climate has led to a decision to reduce the sales force by 50 per cent. Valerie has decided to keep on the more experienced members of the sales team because they have strong relationships with the larger key accounts that provided a substantial chunk of her business target. However, while they are great […]