TroubleShooter: pulling power

The new regional leader of a global business is faced with a team that delivers to target, but refuses to work collectively, and does not see the need for development. How can he build strategic focus in them? Peter is the leader of a country board of an international organisation. He was promoted internally from a different division against other in-country applicants. He is battling to build a cohesive team, particularly with outspoken individuals who believe they should have been chosen. Combined with these interpersonal issues, there is also a lack of competency and capability across the team. Peter hasn’t […]

Troubleshooter: Credit Where It’s Due

Conspired against by her unusual, yet highly effective skills, hired by the  ‘wrong’ division and stalled in management fast-track, this clever, yet frustrated, specialist wants the recognition she deserves. But how? Margaret is a highly skilled, educated and intelligent technical specialist working for a blue-chip organisation. She is recognised by peers and seniors for her specific and unusual combination of skills, and often praised for the high-quality content of her contributions, and her willingness to share information or mentor others. She is particularly good at new or ground-breaking projects. Margaret is also on the management fast-track programme, which does not […]


IS IT ON THE CARDS? A coach at a global organisation has discovered that his client, who wants promotion, is heading towards a disciplinary. However, his boss hasn’t told him this. Can supervision help the coach find clarity? A large multinational engineering company employs seven executive coaches. There ought to be clarity around the desired coaching outcomes through clear contracting and open discussion, yet this is proving hit and miss. HR has approached one of the coaches to take on an individual. The coach had an initial meeting with the client, who saw coaching as a way to support his hoped-for […]

TroubleShooter – Cutting your losses?

A company’s strong coaching offer may now be in jeopardy as the organisation looks to make significant reductions in its L&D budget. How can coaching boss James prove its impact? James is responsible for coaching in his organisation. The business has built up its coaching offer over the past eight years. At first, it ‘tested the water’, employing a couple of external coaches who worked with a few executives. Over time this grew to include the majority of the top 5 per cent in the company as well as individuals identified as top talent in the succession plan. About three […]

Troubleshooter – No one speaks but me

A recently promoted marketing manager is struggling to manage her international teams in phone meetings. The teams are losing cohesion and she is losing confidence in her leadership abilities. Gemma was recently promoted to a high-profile international marketing role in the large investment bank where she’s worked for 10 years. It’s an exciting move as the bank is investing in global rebranding as a result of an acquisition, but it’s brought problems she didn’t anticipate. There’s an embargo on non-emergency travel, which means she’s having to manage her European marketing teams through phone meetings. This is having a detrimental effect on […]

TroubleShooter – It’s all in the balance

A director in the UK’s National Health Service (NHS) prepares for a merger with another hospital. A coach will guide her through it. Yet the changes are unsettling and she feels she has no time for sessions Carol, a woman in her late 40s, has been with the NHS for 20 years. She has worked her way up to director level. The hospital where she works is merging with another and she is feeling overwhelmed and overworked in preparation for this, a reaction that is taking her by surprise. Her teenage children need more attention as exams loom, and her […]

Off the wall thinking

A well-trained, supported internal coaching team is popular in an organisation. However, the senior managers are reluctant to use something that is ‘so close to home’. Is there a workaround? I am an internal coach who is part of a 10-strong team. We are finding that while many colleagues are happy to use us, senior managers are not. We’ve tried to publicise our work and get appointments with the individuals concerned to discuss what we offer. To be honest we just have no idea what is working or what is not. Our company has invested heavily in our training – […]

TroubleShooter – care to join us?

A group of managers are to be trained in coaching, along with their CEO. Participants must practise together between sessions but the CEO is not keen. How can he be persuaded to take part? I have been asked by a medium-sized organisation to train a group of managers in coaching skills. The training will be spread over three months, in pairs of days, and a key aspect is for the participants to practise with each other between training sessions. This is an essential part of the programme because people learn best by making mistakes, and working with a course buddy […]

TroubleShooter – back seat driver

A hotel receptionist, promoted to management, is finding it hard to lead his team when he has no training or experience. A potentially great leader lies within – can coaching release him? A year ago, Johan was promoted from receptionist to reception manager at a small boutique hotel. He has recently taken part in a 360-degree appraisal with five of his colleagues and five of his direct reports. The results show that his lack of management experience is having an impact on the way he leads his team. With no training or managerial skills, Johan has struggled to position himself […]

Wake-up call

A local authority finance director wants a coaching programme for his reports. He is keen on the process and feels his team would benefit, but is unaware of how negative they are feeling Paul is a lively, ambitious 50-year-old finance director in a metropolitan local authority. He has just come to the end of a successful professional development programme and is a zealous convert to coaching. He now wants to prepare his departmental managers for the considerable challenges ahead by commissioning coaching for the whole team, whom he describes as a “good bunch”. He has made it clear that he […]