Profile: Kim Morgan

Standard Raiser Kim Morgan is a pioneer in the field of coach education. Her passion and professionalism has touched the lives of many of her students. And it’s what made her our Coaching Person of the Year 2011. Liz Hall finds out more Kim Morgan, founder of Barefoot Coaching, has certainly made her mark on her students over the years: ‘Passionate, inspirational teacher, energetic, standard raising, dedicated to new learning, pioneering, a true role model for coaching, generous with her time’ – these descriptions came up time and again in the numerous nominations she received for the Coaching at Work […]

Profile – Peninah Thomson

KNOW YOUR PLACE When it comes to board-level female talent, there are “far too many lights under bushels”, says Peninah Thomson, and she is determined to find them. Liz Hall speaks to co-founder of the FTSE 100 Cross-Company Mentoring Programme Over the past nine years, as co-founder of the FTSE 100 Cross-Company Mentoring Programme, Peninah Thomson has done much to encourage women “to step forward, take their place at the table and contribute strategically”. Some 94 senior women seeking board-level appointments have been mentored by FTSE 100 chairmen since the programme’s inception, 78 of them achieving “significant career success” (see […]

Let’s get engaged

Learning, engagement and networking are Linda Aspey’s passions, and she has found the perfect way to use them. The chair of BACP’s new Coaching division tells Liz Hall why she is ‘absolutely thrilled’ about her new role Linda Aspey, chair of the British Association for Counselling & Psychotherapy (BACP)’s new Coaching division, is passionate about networking. “I’m quite brave in asking favours, which I always return, and I always know someone who knows someone. I’m also passionate about learning, especially peer learning, and getting people engaged.” Months into her new role – the division was formally approved last November – […]

Let me inspire

When coach Amechi Udo was made redundant he was nearly 30, with no commitments. He was devastated, but elated and free at the same time. Then coaching appeared on the horizon? Liz Hall reports There was a time when Amechi Udo saw sales as the “nasty stuff” that got in the way of coaching. Nowadays, one of the ways he makes money is through helping other coaches build up profitable, sustainable businesses through his company, Inspired to Coach. Udo is also the co-ordinator of the Euro Coach List conference and has carried coaching into an impressive array of contexts, ranging […]

Mystery man

Julio Olalla’s exile from Chile forced him to reinvent himself. Today, the former lawyer runs Newfield Network, delivering transformation through magic, sacred spaces and a little bit of salsa. Liz Hall reports There is something of the shaman about Julio Olalla, founder of the Newfield Network. Not that he shakes a rattle or goes into a trance, but he does talk of mystery, magic and creating sacred spaces. He uses dance to bring about transformation. And just as shamans reportedly experience the ‘calling’ after a major breakdown or illness, so Julio came to coaching following a personal meltdown. The former […]


The two Davids – Clutterbuck and Megginson – are a powerful double act on the coaching and mentoring circuit. And they’ve had some of their best ideas halfway up a mountain. Liz Hall discovers a highly professional, yet very human working relationship Mention mentoring to a bunch of coaches, HR and L&D professionals and chances are David Clutterbuck’s name will come up. Clutterbuck has been credited with introducing supported mentoring to the UK in the 1980s and, more recently, to many other parts of the world. His co-authored book Everyone Needs a Mentor1 has been a mentoring bible for 20 […]