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The School of Coaching merges with global consultancy

The School of Coaching has been bought by global management consultancy JMJ Associates. Liz Hall Myles Downey, founder of London-based coaching consultancy and training firm, The School of Coaching, and author of Effective Coaching, said that the values match between the two business cultures was “excellent”. The two consultancies have a shared purpose of making a difference in the world through coaching and consulting others, as well as developing individuals, teams and organisations in order to transform their performance. He continued: “We certainly each understand and apply the power of professional coaching to achieve business results. The School of Coaching […]

AC launches support for charitable causes

The Association for Coaching (AC) has launched a pilot pro-bono coaching programme for key workers at childrens’ charity Kids Company (Kidsco) The programme is one of a raft of initiatives to be rolled out globally by the AC’s special interest group for social responsibility (SR) which launches in June. It will “celebrate, communicate and champion coaching-led socially responsible initiatives that benefit society”. “We’ve got access to a huge amount of people who do great work. We want to tap into what people are really passionate about and find a way to do that through the AC,” said Darren Robson, who […]

Merrick at SHU

Notes that Lis Merrick has joined the Coaching and Mentoring Research Unit at Sheffield Hallam University Lis Merrick has joined the Coaching and Mentoring Research Unit at Sheffield Hallam University from 1 May 2009. She will be involved with the delivery of the MSc in Coaching and Mentoring, both in Sheffield and Zurich. Her research interests include supervision of large-scale mentoring and talent management mentoring.

Harvard Handout

Notes the funds available for coaching-related research from Institute of Coaching at Harvard Medical School The new Institute of Coaching at Harvard Medical School has $2 million to award in grants for coaching-related research, at $100,000 a year until at least 2015. Ruth Ann Harnisch, president of The Harnisch Foundation, pledged the money as part of the new Harnisch Fund for Coaching.

Early support propels women to the top

Coaching is helping women executives break through the glass ceiling, according to international research. The study by the UK’s Institute of Employment Studies (IES), says that if coaching is offered early and at a career transition, it can help women overcome common obstacles, such as a lack of female networking and development. Andrea Broughton, IES principal research fellow, said: “We found remarkable parallels in the experiences of women across the globe, and of the barriers to career progression at board level. More focus on well-structured coaching plans developed to support women through known barriers would facilitate a much higher number […]

KPMG coach model puts flexibility first

KPMG’s internal coaches are coaching staff into winning business and client engagements. The team of 12 full-time coaches are also looking at how they market their services internally and demonstrate a client-centred approach across the firm. The move is part of a wider, more flexible, business-aligned coaching model. “We’re making sure we are aligned to where the business is going, that we’re fit for purpose. It’s not one-size-fits-all – there is a growing need for flexibility and for being prepared to upskill in certain areas to raise the bar for performance,” said Sara Hope, senior business coach for advisory services […]

Forton’s free student initiative gets graduates ‘job fit’

Leadership coaching firm the Forton Group has launched a programme to help university graduates find work. Liz Hall Leadership coaching firm the Forton Group has launched a programme to help university graduates find work. Job fit coincides with the release of a CBI report which found that 35 per cent of students would have taken part in an employability development programme if it had been offered to them. The CBI/Universities UK report, Future fit: preparing graduates for the world of work, was launched on 26 March. Under the Forton Group initiative, 18 professional career coaches will be offering a free […]

Coaching can make GOL ‘strategic player’

Coaching can help embed Government Office for London‘s culture change programme Liz Hall The Government Office for London (GOL) internal coaching should be built into the organisation’s learning and development (L&D) and people strategies, says a new study. Coaching has the potential to embed GOL’s new culture change programme 4Ps (Pride, Passion, Professionalism and Pace), finds the evaluation study by crime reduction adviser and GOL coach Alison Dale in autumn and December. GOL, which represents central government across the capital, needs to become more strategic and high-level in local and regional government. The 4Ps scheme is designed to help staff […]

Coaching is a business issue, says report

CIPD reports that managers should be supported and encouraged to develop coaching styles. Coaching should be treated as a business, not an HR or L&D, issue Liz Hall Coaching at the sharp end, the CIPD’s study on line management and coaching, was released at the annual HRD conference on 21-23 April. It highlights the major role HR can play to ensure line managers deliver coaching sustainably. It also calls for clarity about coaching roles and expectations. Organisations must train, support and resource managers to coach, fostering effective teamworking and relationships to enable a coaching approach. The researchers found that most […]

Time to be responsible

Third annual conference of the Association for Professional Executive Coaching & Supervision (APECS) The coach’s time, a time of responsibility and opportunity, has come: this is the theme of the third annual conference of the Association for Professional Executive Coaching & Supervision (APECS). The conference, which will be held at Henley Business School, will look at the role coaching and coaches can play in current challenging times. It will ask what coaches and coaching clients should be focusing on and how coaches can be as effective as possible. Hugh Evans, head of corporate learning at Henley Business School will be […]