NEWS: Nelson Mandela

As the world mourned the death of Nelson Mandela on 5 December, we asked what inspired you and what we can learn from South Africa’s first black president. Mandela: What will his legacy mean to you? When I look at Mandela I see the face of my own father and I’m reminded of how far […]

NEWS: survey

Survey: 54% predict coach income boost The results are in for our Coaching at Work Readers’ Survey 2013, evoking strong feelings on subjects, such as chartered institute status – yet plenty of positivity, too. As we enter 2014, there do indeed seem to be green shoots of economic recovery appearing. This year, income in coaching […]

David Megginson, EMCC Ambassador, shares his experience of the 21st EMCC conference in Athens

David Megginson, EMCC Ambassador, shares his experience of the 21st EMCC conference in Athens 21-23 November 2013, Athens It was good to be at a conference at the beating heart of European civilisation, and close to the home of the protagonist of mentoring’s foundation story. The EMCC Greece team welcomed and guided us socially and […]

Researchers debunk sided brain bias

  Are you right-brained – creative, thoughtful and subjective? Or left-brained – logical, detail-orientated and analytical? However you answer this, you are wrong, apparently. Neuroscientists from the University of Utah in the US have debunked the myth that some people use the right side of their brain more and others the left. The two-year study […]

Change study reveals depth of influence of coaching

One of the first studies to look at coaching effectiveness in times of organisational change shows it enhances solution-focused thinking, the ability to deal with change, leadership self-efficacy and resilience, and the attainment of goals relevant to the organisation’s mission. The study, by Anthony Grant, associate professor and director at the Coaching Psychology Unit at […]

News pages 8 to 9

Hawkins: don’t ignore the future – it may bite you The thirteenth fairy only becomes the wicked fairy because of not being invited to the party, and so it is with organisations that ignore stakeholders, such as the future, at their peril,” said Peter Hawkins, referring to the wicked fairy in the Grimms’ Fairy Tale, […]

News pages 10 to 11.

Studies highlight poor management behaviour A string of studies has revealed unethical behaviour, poor strategic skills and shaky people management ability among managers and leaders, prompting calls for employers to “step up”, and highlighting the contribution that coaches can make to fostering more appropriate behaviour. One million UK managers are working in a way they […]