France mentors women at the top

A French cross-company mentoring programme modelled on the UK’s FTSE 100 Cross-Company Mentoring Programme is gathering momentum, fuelled by new government legislation. In January, President Sarkozy announced that French listed companies will be subject to quotas unless they increase the representation (currently 8 per cent) of women on conseils d’administration (boards). The programme, Board- Women […]

Coaching, Mentoring & Organizational Consultancy: Supervison & Development

Title Coaching, Mentoring & Organizational Consultancy: Supervison & Development Author Peter Hawkins and Nick Smith Publisher McGraw Hill ISBN 0335 218 156 (pb) 0335 218 164 (hb) Usefulness 4/5 Hawkins and Smith dedicate this book to “all those engaged in cultivating the leaders and leadership necessary for meeting the challenges of our time”. Certainly this […]

Mentoring tops school report

Explains how mentoring has been used to improve schools administration in Australia The practice of mentoring boosts performance in school administrative staff, according to research in Australia. Improvements were seen in generic competencies, office and administration, financial management, and teacher and student support. The report by Patrick van Esch assesses workplace performance against job description […]