Let’s get engaged

Learning, engagement and networking are Linda Aspey’s passions, and she has found the perfect way to use them. The chair of BACP’s new Coaching division tells Liz Hall why she is ‘absolutely thrilled’ about her new role Linda Aspey, chair of the British Association for Counselling & Psychotherapy (BACP)’s new Coaching division, is passionate about […]

Altered images

How can we assess the organisational impact of executive coaching interventions? By asking third parties to share their perceptions, say Erik de Haan & Christiane Niess Billions of dollars are spent every year on executive coaching. As far back as November 2004, Harvard Business Review estimated the global market to be worth around US $1bn. […]

Keeping council

Most in local government are braced for difficult times ahead. But not North East Lincolnshire Council and it’s all down to the performance coaching programme it put in place three years ago for its managers. Liz Hall finds out why Britain’s public sector, and the rest of the nation, has been left reeling in the […]

Chinese whispers

How is coaching growing in China? Slowly, says Dinah Gardener, of a culture that views the Western concept with suspicion. But a combination of best practice and Chinese wisdom could be about to change all that Coaching in China is beginning to take off. Twenty per cent of delegates at the inaugural Asia Pacific Coaching […]

Are you there?

Fans of the work of Ingmar Bergman, will appreciate the importance of silence in human interaction. In coaching too, silence can be golden. But just how does that work in a telephone session? John Charlton explains Silence is a really important part of good coaching. A good coach knows silence indicates reflection,” says independent coach […]

A fair cop

With 60 per cent of its short-term offenders returning to jail, Hull had a huge and costly problem. That is, until ex-chief inspector, Russ Waterman, came up with a liberating solution. Liz Hall investigates Russ Waterman used to be a “typical cop”. He went to work, did his paperwork and went home. But after a […]

Adapt and survive

Senior managers are increasingly being asked to work across cultures on a global scale. To do so they need to let go of their ingrained beliefs and become cultural chameleons. Jenny Plaister-Ten explains why this ‘unlearning’ is the jewel in the crown of global coaching In today’s global economy, executives are increasingly required to be […]

If the hat fits

Much has been published on how to improve leadership performance, yet its practice remains uneven. Could coaching hold the key to transferring learning to the workplace, asks Jonathan Passmore There is no shortage of books on leadership, many of which claim to offer a unique model or a shortcut to greatness. Yet despite such wide […]

On song

What has music to do with coaching? Rachel Ellison brought her iPod along to a session with a high-level executive. His personal transformation proved to her she was on the right track Go and get your pads on,take your place in the sun From Bangalore to Kingston, the age of revolution… from The Age of […]

Spot the difference

How do you choose between executive and life coaching? Should we even be using labels? Georgina Fuller reveals why personal coaching is a victim of its own image and how the industry views its ‘poor relation’ What’s the difference between a life coach and an executive coach? The question might sound like the start of […]