Beyond the Boys’ Club – Strategies for Achieving Career Success as a Woman

Title Beyond the Boys’ Club – Strategies for Achieving Career Success as a Woman Author Suzanne Doyle-Morris PhD Publisher Wit and Wisdom Press ISBN 978 0 956 268808 Usefulness 5/5 A refreshing book that takes the mystique out of how women can achieve career success without compromising integrity and femininity. It combines pragmatic career strategies with an excellent compilation of role model stories and advice taken from the author’s research.Although she acknowledges the systemic issues around gender bias in many organisations, Doyle-Morris focuses on the positive. With a blend of warmth, wit and wisdom sets out to explore some excellent […]

Coaching and Mentoring – What They Are and How to Make the Most of Them

Title Coaching and Mentoring – What They Are and How to Make the Most of Them Author Jane Renton Publisher Profile Books ISBN 978 1 846 681899 Usefulness 3/5 This well-researche, engaging book describes the history and evolution of the coaching and mentoring industries. The author states that she approached her exploration with a healthy degree of cynicism. ‘What coaching and mentoring are’, is dealt with extensively, with case studies and 35 pages of mini-biographies of contributors in coaching, psychology and business. I particularly like the focus in chapter 2 on mentoring – it can be marginalised in some books. […]

Water the Flowers not the Weeds

Title Water the Flowers not the Weeds Author Fletcher Peacock Publisher Open Heart Publishing (out of print but copies available through ISBN 978 0 9688 10200 Usefulness 5/5 Sometimes I think we are subtly seduced by complication, and since coaching has developed as a major management discipline, hundreds if not thousands of titles have proliferated to satisfy the interests of a large market. Theory, academic texts and case studies all have their place, however it’s refreshingly delightful once in a while to come across a book that has no pretensions, doesn’t present the basics of coaching as some complicated […]

Getting Back on Track: Regaining your Confidence and Presence at Work

Title Getting Back on Track: Regaining your Confidence and Presence at Work Author Ann Lewis Publisher Trafford Publishing ISBN 978 1 4251 61262 Usefulness 4.5/5 Getting Back on Track is a simple self-coaching guide perfect for these tough times when so many people are reeling amid uncertainty and setbacks at work. The author urges people to break the taboo of what she calls “alright-ism” – the tendency to say “it’s alright” even when things are going pearshaped, because anything else feels like failure. She should know, as her own story of appalling treatment by a boss reveals. In this little […]

The Anatomy of Peace: Resolving the Heart of Conflict

Title The Anatomy of Peace: Resolving the Heart of Conflict Author The Arbinger Institute Publisher Berrett-Koehler ISBN 1 57675 3344 Usefulness 4.5/5 This inspiring book provides powerful constructs for effecting transformational change in how we see and deal with conflict. Conflict is inevitable in life and how we think, see, feel and react to conflict makes the difference in whether our actions contribute to or diffuse the situation: the difference between what the book calls a “heart at war or heart at peace”. People experiencing conflict want solutions: “if only he or she would be less demanding, more understanding, better […]

Excellence in Coaching: The Industry Guide

Title Excellence in Coaching: The Industry Guide Author John Passmore Publisher Kogan Page ISBN 0 74944 6374 Usefulness 4/5 The ever-increasing number of new coaching books on the market can be a daunting choice for a manager or consultant. Excellence in Coaching provides a digest of articles about coaching in general, different approaches to coaching and comments on issues such as ethics and supervision. One chapter is designed for individuals interested in setting up their own coaching practice; another is for in-company HR professionals wishing to develop a coaching culture. The section on tools and techniques presents a wide range […]

The 7 Steps of Effective Executive Coaching

Title The 7 Steps of Effective Executive Coaching Author Sabine Dembkowski, Fiona Eldridge and Ian Hunter Publisher Thorogood ISBN 1 85418 3338 Usefulness 4/5 The 7 Steps of Executive Coaching, based on the achieved coaching model, is an interesting addition to the growing library for the profession. It explores the seven core capabilities of effective executive coaching: rapport building, deep listening, creative questioning, giving effective feedback, clear goal setting, intuition and presence. Each chapter is divided into clear subsections on the different interpersonal skills and techniques required, contains interesting case studies and a brief summary of the key points of […]

Psychological Dimensions to Executive Coaching

Title Psychological Dimensions to Executive Coaching Author Peter Bluckert Publisher Open University Press ISBN 0 33522 0614 Usefulness 4/5 Peter Bluckert tells us at the start of his book that it was a long time in the writing. This, he says, is partly because it took time to know what he really thinks and wanted to say about coaching. In my view it was well worth the wait. The book is full of insights and awareness that can only come from years of experience. He is an excellent guide through some pretty complex areas, yet always retaining a practical focus. […]

Social Intelligence

Title Social Intelligence Author Daniel Goleman Publisher Hutchinson ISBN 978 0091799434 Usefulness 4/5 One of the goals for coaching is to improve the way people think and interact. There is a hard science dedicated to this very idea, social cognitive neuroscience (SCN). This is the fi rst fi eld within neuroscience to explore the way brains interact with each other, and findings from the field make for the bulk of Social Intelligence, the latest offering from the author of Emotional Intelligence. The book explores how our brains are wired for altruism, compassion and rapport. Not all of the ideas are […]

Niche Marketing for Coaches

Title Niche Marketing for Coaches Author Hannah MacNamara Publisher Thorogood Publishing ISBN 978 185418483 2 Usefulness 3.5/5 My first impression of this book was that it was a clear, succinct and accessible guide to anyone considering starting out as a coach. The author seeks to help the reader with areas such as identifying their own personal niche and appropriate marketing techniques, anticipating clients’ needs, setting rates and writing publicity material. To this end, I was steered by a set of pointed questions through some focused thinking before setting off on any course of action. The author obviously knows her onions […]