Book Review: The Handbook of Knowledge-Based Coaching: From Theory to Practice

Title: The Handbook of Knowledge-Based Coaching: From Theory to Practice Editors: Leni Wildflower and Diane Brennan Publisher: Jossey Bass ISBN 978 04706 2444 9 Usefulness ***** This book’s central concern is what we do when we coach, and the foundation of our practices. A variety of contributors present theories on individual psychology, how we construct reality in relationships and through language, and the dynamics of groups and organisations. It touches on issues of spirituality and mindfulness, and provides a range of contextual perspectives, such as gender, cultural background and environmental sustainability. It looks at how disciplines such as somatics, narrative […]


Book Title The Emotional Intelligence Pocketbook Author Margaret Chapman Publisher Management Pocketbooks ISBN 978 19066 1042 5 Usefulness 5/5 This little pocket book, now in its second edition, has managed to pull together all the information, tips and strategies that anyone who wants to understand emotional intelligence – and use it with clients – needs to know. Margaret Chapman certainly knows her stuff. What’s more, she has managed to condense her knowledge in an easy to understand way. The book outlines five steps to EQ: self-awareness, emotion management, self-motivation, relationship management and emotion coaching. It also looks at assessing and […]

Book Review

Title Buddhism for Busy People: Finding Happiness in an Uncertain World Author David Michie Publisher Snow Lion Publications ISBN 978 15593 9298 3 Usefulness 2.5 What karma did you inherit? What karma are you creating today? What shift in attitude are you prepared to try? And what kind of change could it bring to a relationship that’s causing you distress? These and other core Buddhist themes such as compassion, enlightenment and underlying intention, run like a golden thread through Michie’s book. A previously stressed, high-earning London PR executive, Michie shares his story of a supposedly successful life, which lacked meaning […]

Book Review

Title The Challenger Spirit: Organisations That Disturb the Status Quo Authors Khurshed Dehnugara and Claire Genkai Breeze Publisher LID London ISBN 978 19077 9412 4 Usefulness 5 This is a frank, engaging account of an interesting leadership phenomenon, written by two people with many years’ experience in organisational development and change. The book is based on their research interviews with 50 executives leading ‘Challenger’ organisations. Their style is open and accessible. They examine a series of challenger behaviours, focusing on the willingness to break with convention and become innovative, contentious and productive. They use some interesting and arresting ideas to […]

Book Review – Integrated Experiential Coaching: Becoming an Executive Coach

Title Integrated Experiential Coaching: Becoming an Executive Coach Author Lloyd Chapman Publisher Karnac Books Ltd ISBN 978 1 85575 739 4 Usefulness 4.5 This is a rare breed of book that does justice to the complexity of executive coaching. It draws on theory, research and practice and is grounded in substantial business experience. Dr Chapman’s Integrated Experiential Coaching model incorporates Wilber’s integral psychology and Kolb’s experiential learning model and then builds on them. This book will appeal to Wilber’s fans and to those who see coaching as a ‘learning conversation’. Despite a heavy emphasis on multiple theories, the reader is […]

Book Review – Developing, Evaluating and Sustaining Coaching in Organizations

Title Managing Coaching at Work: Developing, Evaluating and Sustaining Coaching in Organizations Authors Jackie Keddy and Clive Johnson Publisher Kogan Page ISBN 978 0 7494 6136 2 Usefulness 5 This book offers unexpected richness. Its title suggests it is aimed at managers of coaching programmes, but it is just as useful for coaches themselves. Add in the companion website, with its templates, articles, podcasts and videos, and you have a practical, comprehensive manual for introducing, implementing, managing and sustaining structured, flexible and responsive programmes in organisations. The authors take the reader from an examination of what coaching is, through refreshing […]

Book review – Transformative Coaching

Title Transformative Coaching – A Learning Theory for Practice Authors Susan Askew and Eileen Carnell Publisher IOE Publications, University of London ISBN 978 08547 3907 3 Usefulness 3/5 This refreshingly short (126-page) book is aimed at what the authors call the “purposeful reader”, ie, the coach who is ready to review practice around their client’s learning. The approach is learning-centred, rather than the goal-orientated focus of many coaching texts, and is particularly focused on educational or social (work) contexts. The book contains useful, thought-provoking coaching session role-plays, models and lists of questions to help the coach review and improve their […]

Book review – Pause for Breath

Title Pause for Breath – Bringing the Practices of Mindfulness and Dialogue to Leadership Conversations Author Amanda Ridings Publisher Live It Publishing ISBN 978 19069 5423 9 Usefulness 5/5 For leaders, coaches, mentors and supervisors, conversation is the unseen heart of our business. This well-researched book holds many of the keys to highly skilled, effective communication. It deserves to become the standard companion to our everyday business and professional conversations. The style is crystal clear and the dialogue with the reader mirrors the author’s practices – so much so that it is impossible to race through the chapters. We are […]

Book review – The Three Levels of Leadership: How to Develop Your Leadership Presence,

Title The Three Levels of Leadership: How to Develop Your Leadership Presence, Knowhow and Skills Author James Scouller Publisher Management Books 2000 Ltd ISBN 978 18525 2681 8 Usefulness 5/5 The central tenet of this excellent addition to the leadership discourse is that a leader’s job is to ensure leadership happens, and not to do all the leading themselves. This is critical: our desire for heroes (of either sex) and attachment to simple problem–solution behaviour are out-dated and unhelpful in today’s complex world. An experienced coach, Scouller makes the case for distributed leadership, based on the core value of self-mastery […]

Book review – Developmental Coaching: Life Transitions and Generational Perspectives

Title Developmental Coaching: Life Transitions and Generational Perspectives Editors Stephen Palmer and Sheila Panchal Publisher Routledge ISBN 978 04154 7360 6 Usefulness 4/5 This book is part of the Essential Coaching Skills and Knowledge series. It seeks to place coaching in the context of a life course, examining the role of a coach in building coping strategies and resources in individuals as they negotiate transitions.   It is split into two parts. The first explores major life transitions individually, from childhood to retirement, and places them in social, cultural and generational context. Each chapter contains case studies, illustrating and personalising the […]