Coaching at Work road tests Middle Circle® for Teams, a digital app to help measure a team’s effectiveness What is it? Middle Circle® for Teams is a digital app tool designed to be used by coaches when coaching teams. Based on quantitative university research, it provides a robust and granular measure of a team’s effectiveness. It uses mobile technology and gamification to change team routines and team member habits and, against its 14 ‘Drivers’ of team effectiveness, pinpoints teams’ strengths and highlights development areas. It can be used to both assess and develop teams and has been employed as part […]


In this column we explore how to design effective mentoring to support intern programmes. Lis Merrick reports The internship market is changing. Entry-level jobs have been turned by some employers into internships with no paid holiday or benefits and are sometimes totally unpaid as well. In some fields, unpaid internships can turn into paid internships. Ambitious, young undergraduates or graduates will vie for those few internships. As a mother of three ‘20-somethings’, I’ve seen how internships work and have helped employers develop relevant mentoring support for their intern programmes. However, internships bring a number of challenges. I’ve witnessed the following […]


In part 2 of this two-part series, Carol Whitaker, Michelle Lucas and Tammy Turner share tips from their just-published book on how to contract using the Shared Outcomes model. Part 1 covered spotting the signs of a need to re-contract The purpose of a contract is to get a shared agreement on outcomes for all parties involved including clearly defined accountability and responsibilities. However, as engagement progresses, you’re bound to run into circumstances where there are misunderstandings or miscommunications. Coaching and mentoring engagements can fail because of assumptions, bias and lack of clarity that can feel awkward to discuss. Heightened […]


Artful coaching is an intuitive dance. But what is intuition and where does it come from? What do we need to be aware of? In the first of a two-part series, Dr Peter Jackson and Carmel O’Connell explain the background to an empirical study into coaches’ use of intuition in executive coaching. We’re all aware as practitioners that we bring something human to the coaching relationship. That, whatever our style of practice, it’s more than a logical sequence of steps – it’s a collaborative dance of ideas, energy, feelings, images. We’re aware that every client and every one of their […]


In this column, we provoke fresh thinking and round up some of the weird, wonderful, quirky, surprising – and shocking – stories out there Sexual healing It’s time to stop ignoring sex in the context of wellbeing, say psychologists at George Mason University, who’ve discovered that engaging in sexual activity one day increases wellbeing the following day. Todd Kashdan and colleagues say sex is rarely included in theoretical models of wellbeing nor discussed in articles on the topic. The researchers set out to address this omission with a three-week diary study, examining associations between frequency and quality of sex, and […]

Coaching at Work conference 2018 – Working with and learning from the younger generations – Lindsay Wittenberg, Victoria Niroomand-Rad and guests

By Molly Hall One unusual session at the Coaching at Work annual conference on 4 July saw coaches, young female students and their teacher come together in a lively exploration of assumptions different generations hold about one another, potential differences and common ground between the generations, and offered coaches a chance to try out coaching students. The session was facilitated by Lindsay Wittenberg, with secondary school teacher Victoria Niroomand-Rad, with the aim of exploring “what connects us, what divides us, and how to make connections”, said Wittenberg. They were joined by two female students from a London school, all of […]