Artful coaching is an intuitive dance. But what is intuition and where does it come from? What do we need to be aware of? In the first of a two-part series, Dr Peter Jackson and Carmel O’Connell explain the background to an empirical study into coaches’ use of intuition in executive coaching. We’re all aware […]

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    Measuring the Small Still Voice in Coaching

    What an endeavor!

    The article ‘Understanding Intuition’ by @Peter Jackson and @Carmel O’Connell enters my life in a special moment: in the midst of my investigating coaching as a process that reaches beyond the use of language to explore clients’ issues.

    Several meanings, alas! are dwelling in my breast!

    Given the dazzling and dizzying deluge of meanings existing around intuition I find it of great value that Carmel O’Connell has taken the effort to conduct a field study exploring its essence and the extent to which it matters in coaching.

    I am present, therefore I coach!

    Carmel’s recent empirical endeavor feels encouraging to me. My PhD journey complements Carmel’s scientific efforts and measures coaching presence by asking:

    – How do non-verbal interactions as manifest through ‘the small still voices’ in our bodies play out as a dyadic dynamic process?
    – How might they shape the extent to which clients feel safe in coaching?

    How about you?

    How are you as a coach? How flexible are you in how you respond to your clients?

    My literature review indicates that feeling capacitated to emotionally self-regulate in coaching appears to be the source of clients’ ability to experience enduring human development.

    Therefore, being present might be a skill for both:
    – the coach to enable the client to feel attuned with them and
    – the client to self-regulate and thus attain their goals – beyond coaching.
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