Leading systemic coach Edward Rowland explains the “hidden architecture” in organisations and how leaders can work with it to create effective organisational cultures Working with leaders across the world for more than 17 years, supporting them to create sustainable and effective organisations, I have learned that achieving breakthrough coaching results requires skilfully navigating the client’s […]

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  1. tara@limetreesroad.com
    tara@limetreesroad.com says:

    What a beautiful reminder of the forces that can bind us and equally can allow us flourish in systems. I am minded that our team member know this stuff intuitively and we as Coaches have to bring this material to the surface. In reading I am prompted to recall a team system I am working in where in a recent round robin discussion the business of belonging/space and exchange all surfaced not in that language but in words that meant the same. An eloquent piece thank you for sharing

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