The Neuroscience of Leadership Coaching By Patricia Bossons et al Bloomsbury Information ISBN 978 14729 1112 4 Usefulness 5/5   We are seeing a wave of popularity for neuroscience in the talent industry with many new titles appearing on bookshelves. As someone who uses coaching in a learning design context, I eagerly awaited publication of this book. I found the language incredibly clear on a topic akin to learning a new language: the science behind how our brains function. Even for those with no knowledge of neuroscience, this title adds real weight to and understanding of what is going on […]


In our latest column dedicated to mentoring, we look at how to implement a sponsorship mentoring programme By Lis Merrick In most organisations, mentoring is seen primarily as developmental, with the emphasis on empowering and enabling people to do things for themselves. In some organisations, though, particularly those wishing to support individuals perceived to be unfairly disadvantaged, the exercise of authority and influence on behalf of a protégé is seen as appropriate. Sponsorship mentoring programmes are often used to support male/female talent imbalance in large organisations. As Anne-Marie Slaughter wrote: “High-potential women need sponsors who will not only provide advice, […]


Rob Wood, of the University of Southampton and Claudia Filsinger, of Oxford Brookes University Business School, review the potential of an emerging career concept and its application in coaching practice By Rob Wood and Claudia Filsinger   The context of careers has been changing over the past decades. Economical, technological and social changes, such as globalisation, improvement of virtual working technologies and abolishment of the default retirement age, are just some examples of factors that have an impact on the nature of contemporary careers (Inkson et al., 2015). This has facilitated the emergence of new career models, with a decreasing […]


Hello, I am Roach the Coach and I am your guide through the Coaching Chronicles. There are 4,500 species of us cockroaches so we are well placed, across the globe, and across time, to tell you about coaching… By Sam Humphrey Henry Ford was born on 30 July, 1863 in Greenfield Township, Michigan, and while his automobile credentials are world-renowned, his coaching credentials are less so. With Leo as his star sign, Henry fitted the typical traits – confident, ambitious, generous, loyal and encouraging. In his early career, Henry was a keen engineer. He loved to take things apart and […]


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