‘Dramatic’ change ahead for work

The workplace of 2030 is likely to be transformed by changes happening right now, with up to half of current occupations set to disappear, says a new report  Revolutionary shifts in the way workplaces operate and what employees want from their jobs are predicted to have a ‘dramatic’ effect on the global labour market in […]

British school in Dubai commits to full coaching culture

Dubai English Speaking School (DESS) has awarded coaching certificates to another staff cohort, bringing the total number of senior members of staff trained as coaches to 25, with a further 12 teachers currently in training. The coach training, with ILM-accredited qualifications and a Solution-Focused approach, has been delivered by UK coach training firm, British School […]

Managers unprepared for 18-80 workforce

Businesses may be poorly prepared for the multigenerational workforces of the future, with nearly half of managers saying they take the same approach to management with all their staff, regardless of age. Research by Penna found that for managers who are not adapting their style for different aged employees, almost half (46 per cent) say […]

Client/coach dependency still taboo subject

Collusion with leader clients is a widespread problem among executive coaches, suggests Professor David Clutterbuck In 2013, Professor Clutterbuck began exploring with coaches whether leaders and managers could be using having a coach as an excuse to abdicate their responsibilities for their self-development. In his recent blog article: Leader development: Are executive coaches part of […]

Feel the fear: four quadrant model helps clients embrace opposing needs

Exploring clients’ deepest fears can lead them to wholeness, proposed Giovanna D’Alessio at the EMCC conference. Joking that “all models are wrong, but some are useful”, D’Alessio presented a four quadrant model for exploring fears in relation to needs, their shadows, the gift they bring, and possibility for transformation. So, for example, if someone’s need […]

Decoding Da Vinci: learn to develop creativity

Think like Leonardo da Vinci if you want to develop your client’s creativity. This was Michael J Gelb’s message as he outlined seven principles for capturing the essence of the Renaissance genius in his keynote speech at the EMCC 21st annual coaching conference in Italy. The principles are: Curiosita (curiosity about everything); Dimonstrazione (being an […]


In the box Clients seeking creative solutions to problems should avoid ‘thinking outside the box’, suggests research by the University of Pittsburgh and Carnegie Mellon University. The researchers looked at whether it is best to use unrelated concepts to drive creativity or to build on scenarios more directly linked to the problem. The research, published […]

Positive emotions are nonsense

You are putting your decision-making ability at risk if you wish only to cultivate ‘positive’ emotions, said Professor Brown, opening day two of the AC conference. “There is a great danger coming out of the positive psychology field. Some emotions were thought of as positive and some negative…it’s nonsense,” he argued. “We need to manage […]

Leading in a turbulent world

By Zsófia Anna Utry If organisations are to survive and maintain sustainability they need to embrace complexity, paradox, difference and emotions. Ian McDermott, Naomi Iles and Professor Paul Brown, in workshops at the AC conference, all made the case for openness towards uncertainties, and for leaving behind predictability, control and management of change, conditions that […]

Nurturing the next generation leaders: how do you coach Gen Y?

workshop: Nurturing the next generation leaders. Henderson’s survey on Gen Y high achievers’ attitudes to work suggested Gen Y employees value their company’s vision, culture and reputation much more than job security, and they expect to reach more senior positions quickly. They believe in the fail fast, move on philosophy: “As soon as you’re comfortable […]