Reflections: Gold from dust

Lindsay Wittenberg The first session with a client is an Aladdin’s Cave of possibilities, with riches waiting to be discovered – if we use the right tools As coaching programmes proceed and progress, we all become conscious in sharper relief of the issues that are significant for our clients. We begin to discern connections and […]

A bright idea

How can executive coaches help corporate teams redefine their problems to find smart solutions when they work across so many organisational boundaries, cultures and time zones? Now is the time to use coaching to innovate innovation I work with companies promoting innovation and with people as an executive coach. One part of my work focuses […]


Just as executive teams must race to keep up with technology, so coaching must adapt in order to stay relevant to leaders. GROWTH cards come up trumps 
in this changing world, says Vali Lalioti Racing against the clock to keep up with technology is a fundamental challenge for teams all over the world. Collaboration relies […]

Public perception

Public sector leaders must deliver results against a backdrop of tightly squeezed budgets. The landscape is certainly changing – and so must the coaching support that is offered, argues Natalie Holt The financial challenges facing the public sector are well-documented. Leadership teams have to manage to higher standards driven by more demanding citizens, but with […]

Mentoring: the joys of spring

Lis Merrick In the latest in a series of columns dedicated to mentoring, we take time out to give your mentoring programme a springtime health check. This issue: freshen up your offer Don’t let your mentoring programme lose direction during the summer – get it into shape now Spring has sprung and summer is just […]

Profile: Eric De Haan

Sense maker Erik De Haan’s ability to work with the organisational unconscious and surface hidden levels in groups has been called ‘magical’. The director of Ashridge Business School’s Centre for Coaching talks to Liz Hall about the ‘dark side’ of leadership. Magical is how one corporate client described Erik De Haan’s ability to work with […]

Merrill Lynch offers way back

By Liz Hall This spring sees the US rollout of Bank of America Merrill Lynch Bank’s women returner coaching programme, following its success in the UK. Concerned about the cost of losing talented female executives who leave to start a family, the bank partnered with the Executive Coaching Consultancy in 2011 to devise and run […]